A story of two bullied teenagers as they run away from home.

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I’ve heard it all. The taunting, the ridicule, the name calling…..I’ve been there, heard that. But it never stops. Every day unravels a new way to hurt me. I swear they’re trying their best to kill me inside. But I must stay strong, I must not give in. So here I am, ready to fight, with my twin brother standing bravely at my side. In front of us stands the biggest, most brutal boy in the whole high school, along with his group of sidekicks. Standing in front of us was our doom.

            “Well, well. How are the two freaks of the school today?” He asks scathingly.

Trevor’s golden eyes seem to lash out at me like an angry adder. He tilts his head a little and his light brown hair flops to the side. He grins at the two of us, but it isn’t a real smile. It is one of those “I’m going to kill you.” smiles.

He stands there for a minute, staring at us. As if he’s scanning us to find our weaknesses. I can’t help but give out a small whimper. One of his sidekicks, a tall boy with blonde hair, lets out a sharp, cruel laugh.

“Look Trevor!” He calls to what I would consider his boss. “She’s so afraid of you that she’s whimpering like a little puppy!”

 That sets the entire group of them into a fit of harsh laughing. Then they just walk away, like nothing ever happened, like nothing was ever said. 

The End

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