The Stars.


I run to the biggest tree in the forest and around it a few times, making my presence known. Even in the dark, I can see the tree witches apear one by one. They gather around me, my heart in my throat threatening it come out.

"You can stop running young one." Calls out an one voice of the head elder. I do as I'm told, breathing heavily. "You have found out the truth and so has the village. What do you wish of us?" Cames the voice again, echoing around the forest, as soft as leaves.

......llllllllllllllll"Emserelda, I have come to ask for refuge. I can not hide from them forever. They might be human but they are not as stupid as you think, after all, I have lived with them for sixteen years. My whole life." I say, panting but not collapsing onto the earth like my body wants me to.

I can hear them moving as well as the humans deciding if they should enter the forest or not. I swallow deeply, never showing my fear though. The tree witch elders told about it for a while as I look at me drees. It's one of those tight corset ones that mother has been saving up to buy me and now it's ruined. How I ever run so fast in this, I shall never know.

It used to be a creamy colour but now it's covered in all kinds of things, mostly mud. I shake my head at my dress. I can hear a few twigs snap near the entrance of the forest. They're in the forest! My head snaps up at look worriedly around at the tree witch elders.

In the shadows of the trees, there is no moonlight tocaptre the rings of my eyes and shine out but the tree witches already know what I am. They always have. "We have come to a dission. You may take refuge with us. You may stay with our guests until the humans have given up their search then you can move on." Says Emeserelda. I smile a breath a sigh of relief.

"Treeborn, take this young one to the guest trees." The head tree witch elder calls out.Soon, a male witch around my age apears next to me smiling. I nod in thanks to him and bow to the elders. "Thankyou so much for your hospitalty." I say.

"Follow me, I will take you to your chamber tree." Says Treeborn. I do what he says and follow. We walk further into the woods in silence but when we are out of hearing range of the elders Treeborn sighs with relief. "So,it's taken you sixteen years to work out what you are?" He asks, leaning against a tree.

I narrow myeyes at him. "Well, if your kind told me, I might not be in this trouble now." I say stubbonly, making Treeborn laugh. He shakes is chestnut brown head. "Look up at the stars. Right there it says this was always going to be."He says pointing to the sky. I follow his finger and see what he means.

I might have only just found out about what I am but I've been coming to these woods for years, the tree witches have taught me how to read some stars but not many. It always takes me a while to work out what they say but I haven't had the proper training like all the tree witches.

I can see what Treeborn means. It is true. I'm suppost to get chased out of my village, fleeing for my life. I look around near the other stars, reading as many as I can. "Treeborn? What does that one say? I believe I haven't learnt what it means when the stars are assembled like this." I say pointing near the first stars I looked at.

I look at Treeborns reaction, his face pale and his jaw tight. "We should really get going. The elders will expect me to be back soon." He says then turn away and starts walking off. I have to run to keep up with his long strides.

I really want to know why he won't tell me, it can't be that bad. Or can it? A cold shiver ran down my spine. Treeborn stops and puts his hand on one of the big trees. Suddenly it starts to move, changing into a open space filled with the soft glow of candel light. I open my mouth, forgetting that a lady never does something like this.

"Go in here and stay there till I come back." Treeborn says and with that he's gone. I'm standing there, staring at the tree with my silver eyes. I walk inside and it closes behind me like it was never there.I can't believe it! I'm in a real live tree!

I walk up the staircase until I get to a wide room where people where talking. As soon as I step off of the stairs they stop, their heads quickly turning towards me. "Terribly sorry tointerupt but the tree witch elders say that I can stay here for a while." I say confidently even though all my sences are freaking out, telling me to run and never come back.

A handsome man smiles. "Here, take a seat, you look so terribly tired my dear." He purrs. I smile and take the empty seat.

The End

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