Forever Running


I'm shaking as I hide behind the lumps of rubbish. God, they stink but then again I probably do too. My chest is heaving and cold swet runs down my back.

I swallow deeply, trying to catch my breath quickly. Please don't find me, please don't find me. I can hear their feet thumping heavily on the stoney ground. They're getting closer! So close, I can see the fire from their pitchforks.

I can hear them yelling. God, why oh why did I go out tonight? It's a full moon, the light from it is  shining down, showing the villagers what I really am. They are near me, I can smell their fear, their hate and their first for my spilt blood.

I start running again. I'm sprinting as fast as I can into the forest. They might follow me but chances are they won't. They say these woods are haunted, it's where the witches practise magic.

I can feel a smile appear onto my pale face. My hazel eyes are reflecting the moon light, making rings of light shine out of my eyes. I can feel them getting closer. I turn to see how far away they are.

They've seen me! I push myself onwards. The whole village is after me! They're going to kill me in the most horrifying way possible!

Come on! Nearly there. Not long now! I keep telling myself. I've got to get away or, at least, hide until my power has strengtherned, ready for me to use it again. 

The End

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