Losing The Will To Write This :L - Will make a better title when I can-ba.Mature

Cara stared out of the window in the door and sighed.. Dana and Cameron had a way of making everything dramatic and the likely-hood was, Miss English very nearly gave Cameron a sanction of some sort because he was daydreaming out in the hallway like an idiot.

A tap on the desk brought her back into reality as she glanced away from the door to the ginger girl beside her who hard a broad smile on her face and blushed at the realisation that she was being stared at. How annoying...
The girl's name was Helena and in all honesty, Cara had absolutely no interest in her at all. Not that this was of any importance to the girl blushing in front of her.

Cara had always been a looker. Ever since primary school people had known she would grow up to be something beautiful and she guessed it had gone to her head because it had gotten to the point where she quite happily picked and chose who she wanted to date. Not that she particularly wanted to date anyone. But hey, that's what it's all about... proving you're gay.
She sighed again, much more noisily than she had intended to and Helena pouted asking what could be wrong? Yes, what could possibly be wrong with the most beautiful girl in school? What could ever be wrong with her life? Two loving mothers, a younger sister who wishes to be just like Cara when she grows up, girls wanting her love left right and centre and of course, the already perfect girlfriend to fit the picture-perfect life. What could ever be wrong?

Thinking it was probably advisable to not yell that in the poor girl's face she simply said she was fine - just bored - and turned away, looking out of the classroom's actual window to watch the birds flit from tree to tree. The girl she was dating was a few inches shorter than she was and had freckles all over her face with white blonde hair and blue eyes. She was dating one of Hitler's 'perfects' as she called them.
Best part about this girl? She lived over 30 miles away and there was no chance of her moving any time soon. The best relationship for Cara; a practically non-existent one.

The End

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