Cameron: I Miss YouMature

"Nice of you to join us Miss Redding. You realise it is, oh, ten minutes into the lesson?" Dana mumbled her apologies and a smile flashed onto her face when she looked over at the empty seat next to Cameron.

Cameron looked at her with concern in his mind as she hurriedly took out her things, dropping pencils and pens everywhere, and wondered if she was as okay as her smile suggested. Rushing off to the toilet and forgetting the test just wasn't her way an what was she doing now? She'd left her book in the toilets? This was getting ridiculous.
He wandered over to Mr Bio (Cam, Dana and Cara had taken to naming their teachers by their subjects in year six and even though they were now doing their GCSEs and were in different classes for the most part, they still used subjects as name references unless wanting to complain specifically about their teacher - in which case they would just describe them considering they could never remember the names) and explained that he has forgotten his pencil case and needed to be excused; after a great deal of grumbling he was permitted to leave.

"DANA." She twisted round looking like a deer in headlights as she took in the fact that she was no longer alone in the hallway she had been 'dawdling' down.
Cameron didn't understand what could have happened to make her so afraid to talk to him; they were best friends. Cara was understandable; they loved her dearly but she didn't half tell their secrets.

"What is wrong with you?!" He thought he would get straight to the point, after all, he wasn't getting any younger.

Composure regained, Dana smiled at him and told him that 'nothing at all' was wrong with her but before she had a chance to turn away again Cameron grabbed her arm.
Panic returning, Dana searched for an escape route, "Cameron, please." She never called him Cameron.
"Just let me go.." Instinctively he let go of her, "We're missing the test too Cam, go back in and tell Bio I'll be back in a minute."

If only she would talk to me.

He sighed as she ran away. They had been the best of friends ever since their first day of primary school when Cameron had turned to her and informed her that he wanted to marry her - to the horror of their teachers.
This had of course been a trick of the mind, in fact at the time he had actually thought that Dana was a boy considering she had never looked much of a girl. It probably did not help that she had to dads rather than mums unlike Cameron himself with his two mums.
Growing up they had learnt to share their parents. Dana loved Cam's parents and he was the same with her's. It was about year two when Dana really started to look girly; when Cam's mothers started to properly take an interest in her and began buying her clothes, shoes, dancing lessons and - embarrassingly for Dana - pointing out the 'perfect' girls for her. And as Faith and Rosa (Cam's mothers) gained a daughter, Arthur and Ronnie gained a son.
This was the perfect situation until their first year of secondary school when suddenly it was wrong to be so close to anybody else. Sleepovers became scarce because no matter how gay you believed yourself to be, you weren't to take the chance. And slowly Cam and Dana stopped seeing each other's parents.

Since then Dana had been drifting away from Cam. And, in fact, drifting closer to their newer friend, Cara. He had no doubt in his mind that there was something there for Dana although he was unsure about Cara's side of things. Sometimes she was a little too defensive.

"Mr Stevens, what are you doing; standing there in the hallway? Go back to your lesson!" He'd been spotted by Miss English (They also identified teachers by their marital status. Miss English was neither married nor ever expected to be married and if anyone were to marry her the students would feel a great deal of pity for her.) and she was at the top of the stairs tapping her foot.

Cameron darted back into Mr Bio's lesson and slipped into his seat.

He didn't understand any of the test questions anyway...

The End

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