Dana: Fearing JudgementMature

Dana sank to the floor in a heap after splashing water on her face. Her previously dropped biology book lay open next to her on the page of her last lesson - it had a large reminder at the close of the page warning her of the biology test she happened to now be missing.
A small puddle of water was forming on the ground between her knees where she had let her face slowly drip, drip, drip.
Time passed slowly when she was alone and she liked that. To just sit here and be alone with her thoughts... put the rest of the world on standby while she just stayed here, in this moment.
Only, she knew Cam would be worrying and if she did not make her way to class some time soon then she could not simply pass it off as going to the toilet.
Oh, but she wished she could talk to him. She wished she could tell him everything in her mind.
She just did not understand what was happening, she did not understand what was going on around her. What would people think of her? What would Cara think? And the way she was looking at Cam, he must have known. Why did he not ask what was going on? Did he not care about her? Well that was not fair, this was different. It was not as simple as caring about her now because she had never really looked at him like that before...
But even so, he must have seen the difference in her eyes. The way she looked away.
If she could just talk to him... he always knows what to do.
Except, this time he would talk to Cara and Cara would judge her. Look down on her. That was what she was afraid of.

She had been here too long now, she needed to go to her lesson.
Picking herself and her book up, she dared to peek at herself in the mirror; shaking her head as she saw her tear-stained cheeks. Once again she splashed water on her face and then patted herself dry with a paper towel in the hope that by the time she reached biology, the redness of her face would have faded and she would show no signs of the waterworks which had only just finished.
She would just have to keep this all to herself.. 

The End

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