Cameron: First Day BackMature

"...however the Lord gives us the right to freedom"

"Thank you all.
Year sevens, please make your way to Mr Farnsworth - Wave your hand Sir so they know who you are - and he will give you each a first day pack. Janet, would you go help him please? You know what the new ones are like.
Everyone else you are free to leave, classes will begin in ten minutes. Please go straight to your lockers and sort out your uniform, you all look terrible." Mr Richards sighed as he finished his short speech. He would usually say more but he didn't appear to be up to it really. There was already sweat across his brow and he looked as though he were ready to keel over at any given moment. Not that anybody really noticed - students did not much care if the start-of-year speech happened to be shorter than usual and it would only be the inquisitive few such as Cameron who would have noticed the difference to Richards. Considering it was not at all any of Cameron's business, he turned his attention back to his friends; grabbing Dana's arm as a little red-head bounded past and nearly knocked her off her feet.
"I hate year sevens." She growled.
"Actually, I think that was a year eight." Cameron started to giggle under his breath; tilting his head down so that his brown locks mostly covered his grin and was suddenly staring at the ceiling with Dana standing proudly over his less-smiley face.
"Guys. Stop it. You know how hard they're coming down on the Bender laws now! I don't want-"
"Shush Cara! We're as beautifully curvy as a 30 stone lady!" Exclaimed Cameron as he got himself up, nudged Dana with a wink and started giggling hysterically.
After a few minutes of intense giggling, the three of them were kicked out of the main hall where everybody had departed from and ordered to go to their lockers which were - typically - in opposite directions.
"I LOVE YOU CARA" Yelled Cameron across the group of year sevens who were staring around at him, eyes wide. Cara screamed in full disgust and fled the scene to which the group of little people started chattering to each other excitedly and Dana slapped him over the back of the head.
"Leave her alone Cam, you know she's fully Heterophobe."
Or she's just got something to hide.. "Yeah, sure she is, I know."
There was a strange silence shared between the two of them before Dana opened her mouth to speak and then shut it again, glancing at the floor. There was something in her eyes which Cameron had seen before only he did not know what and, as the bell rang, he realised he would not be finding out any time soon.
"%!^%, Dana we need to get our stuff! You in bio next?" She nodded enthusiastically, "Thank the bloody Lord for that! Can't stand it without you! I'll see you there." And with that he turned away from her, feeling her eyes burning into his fleeing back.

The End

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