Dana: Gender Bender.Mature

"I'm going out now dad." Dana frowned at the scene in front of her; a few more smashed plates scattered across the floor, another lamp had been knocked off the table and her fathers' faces were bright red. Both were furious.
"Look what you did Ronnie! She's always going out these days, if you would stop starting fights then maybe she would want to stick around longer!"
"Oh this is my fault? Don't you give me that Arthur. And she's going to school you bell-end. Notice the time recently? No? Wonder why, could it have something to do with the empty Vodka bottle in the trash? Yes, I saw it Arthur. It's half past seven, what is wrong with you?!"
Dana chose this moment to turn her back on the disaster in the kitchen, grab her school bag from the hallway and slip quietly out the front door. Considering the yelling could still be heard from outside the house, she didn't think they'd care too much that she'd left without really saying goodbye; they never normally did.
A familiar face popped up around the hedges in her front garden and she cocked her head to one side at the mischievous grin on Cam's face (Well, Cameron. Cameron Stevens.), what was he up to? As if reading her mind, he suddenly pounced on her so they ended up in a heap on the ground, Dana giggling hysterically as Cam started to tickle her.
"Oi, Gender Benders. Wanna get up and stop making people stare? People will think you two are after each other if you're not careful; I know I want to be famous but not for that reason."
"Oh shut up Cara! Just because you're a little bit hetero under it all!" Cam had released Dana finally who was still slightly giggling and completely out of breath and they were both standing up - covered head to toe in grass.
"What am I going to do with you two?" She sighed and shook her head, "And for the record, I have a girlfriend! More than can be said for you two!"
"It's okay though Cara, you love us so it doesn't matter how single we are, does it Dana?"
"What he said!"
"Not if you were straight I wouldn't. I'm not saying I'm heterophobic or anything but it's just disgusting really. And at any rate, you'd be put in jail quicker than  I could say 'peanut butter cups'!"
"Keep your hair on girl, we're not straight; we're single. There's a massive difference..."
Dana excluded herself from the conversation as they started walking down the path focusing on the greenery around her and the beautiful blue sky which they had today. It was a rarity where she lived to have so much sun and she was wondering why there were no people out in their gardens taking it in while they could. Too early she supposed.. Though, it really brought life into the world around her, which she loved. It was such a joy to get out of the house these days what with the arguments between her parents that the sun today was simply an added bonus to the freedom of this walk. Although, they would be at school soon which would not be much better than home...
"Dana? Daaaaaaanaaaaa? Dana?! Don't you agree?"
Snapping back into reality, Dana stared at Cam; fully bewildered. In response to her confusion he covered his face with his hand and mumbled something about her being a lost cause.
"We were just talking about the Heteros, if there are any that is. Don't you think it's weird how they never show any of the Heteros being sent to prison? Except the rowdy ones of course, like the ones who caused the riots last summer... though they weren't really sent to prison for their sexuality were they? It was because they were covering the parks in.. what did they call them..? Uh.." Dana joined back into the conversation remembering watching the new's mockery of the Hetero invention,
"Condoms. They say they're for 'safe sex'. Apparently they think our men should be wearing them too for fear of diseases or something? Sounds like their talking rubbish to me but I guess that's just the Heteros, full of rubbish. And if they're so important, why cover a park with them?! Surely that is a waste of these 'disease-avoiding condoms'."
"Whatever they are, they came from the Heteros, must be bad news."
"Mm.. so, you said you weren't single! She said yes then?" 

The End

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