Forever Lost

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Liquid fire scorched her very soul when his lips met hers.

His fingertips left trails of excitment wherever her touched.

The familial weight pressing her into a wall was both comfortable and heart breaking.

The tears streaming down her face we testament to the fact that besides the seemingly happy incounter, something was terribly wrong.

The same tears were mirrioreed, if only less in his eyes.

Those pale green eyes shifted and rolled as he took in every inch of her form.

The shutters pulsing through his body were also through hers.

They both knew that this was a short and final moment, before they would both be forever lost.

The sound of metal hitting against metal rang out through the room. 

The eyes like rain were fillied with such heart renching emotion it tore his very soul.

They shuttered as the quiet steps filled the air.

The resounding bang would be intergrained in those walls for centuries to come.

Two perfect bodies, twined together laid on a cold, hard, dust covered floor.

Surounded by a mix of both blood the color of deepest black, and a shimmering emerald.

A small sounding, femine voice filled the room.  

"Mixing of the species is forbidden. Let it be know, the crimes that were commeted by these two former valued members. Love another and die."

The small cloaked figure broke from the shadows, and knelt next to the bodies. Her voice was quiet, almost unheard.

"I am sorry sister, brother, but once you had been discovered I had no choice. Forgive me for betraying you both. But i rather your life be taken by my hand then another."

The second bang would be there almost as long as the first.

The small figure fell to mix ruby red blood with the ever growing pool.  

The End

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