Into the Corridor

I am glad to find that despite my condition, I can still walk reasonably well, only with a little tingling in my legs.

To my relief I am wearing my clothes; not the dressing gowns and nighties that would make me stand out as a patient.  

The boy is not too far in front of me, and so that I can catch up with him a little, I quicken my pace.  I am not sure why I am doing this, put something is compelling me to follow this person. 

In my head I try to work out what I would say to the boy.  It would be very odd if I were to just turn up beside him and say ‘hi'.  Maybe I could pretend that he had dropped something, and make a conversation from that.  Or maybe I really could just wander up to him and try to be friendly.

While I am wrapped up in my thoughts, I do not notice the boy pause, turn round and start to walk in the other direction - towards me.

Still contemplating on what to say to him, I do not realise what I am going until he has walked right into me and we are both lying on the floor.

The End

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