I give dad a quick, encouraging smile, hoping that he'll either say something or leave the room.

All I manage to get from him is a little sigh and; "Well..."

"Yes, well..." I reply, not exactly enjoying they're company.  I decide to try and get them to go.  "You could go and get something to eat, from the canteen."

He takes a long breath in and says in a slightly irritated voice, "Ilaria, you need to expai-"
I cut dad off mid sentence; I don't want to explain, not yet.  They should know why I did it - I've said (okay, shouted) it at them enough times. "I'm tired dad"

I look up at mum, knowing that she'll be more sympathetic. 

"Okay love" she says.  "Will, lets leave Ilaria alone for a while - she's been through a lot"

Dad gets ready to object but I speak before he has the chance to. "Yes, thank you mum.  I'll see you in a few hours.

"You will have to speak to us though Ilaria."

"I know dad, I will.  I'm just tired"

Dad gives in and the two of them shuffle out the room.

Then I am alone.

I close my eyes and think.  What if I wasn't ill?  What if I didn't have do take those stupid tablets?  I wish like I was a little kid, hoping that I could just wake up in my won bed at home.

All that happens is that I get a thorough prodding from a nurse.

I snap my eyes back open and give the nurse a glare. 

She is a little shocked and mumbles, "I was just wondering if you were asleep."

I am annoyed about being disturbed from my thoughts and growl back "No, I am not asleep.  I am awake.  Thank you."

"Sorry." The nurse stammers and scurries out the room. 

I let my eyes scan the room.  Before now, I had just been either occupied with other people or sleeping.  Now though, for the first time in so many days, I am alone.

The End

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