Forever Happy

Ilaria Links is in hospital after another incident. She thinks that it will be just a routine visit; lectures from parents and warnings from doctors. Then she meets Lucas.
Okay, cheesy summary!

Chapter One


"Ilaria?  Ilaria?"

They won't shut up, mum just keeps saying my name, over and over, like it will make a difference, I'm not going to open my eyes.

I guess that Eloise can read my mind because soon she says, "I think she's sleeping.  Why don't you just go outside for a bit and get some fresh air?"

I hear them stand up and leave.  Although I have my eyes closed, I can feel that Eloise is looking at me.  I smile a little.

Suddenly, she breaks the silence; "You stupid girl.  You stupid, stupid girl!"

I open my eyes.  Eloise is looking at me, with her beautiful green eyes, her auburn hair strewn across her face.  I conclude that she has stayed with me over night.  She leans over and gives me a quick, slightly violent and a little damp hug.  She's crying - not a lot - but enough to make me feel terribly guilty.

One thing that annoys me about Elle is that she is too beautiful; people are just mesmerized by her.  She even cries amazingly - us mortals just go all red and blotchy, and make horrific noises.  Not her though, her eyes go all glittery and round, shiny jewels drip down onto her face. 

I find myself gazing at her, for what seems like hours, but really only seconds. 

After a while, she stops sobbing and in an attempt to make the silence break - I croak through my own tears, "It's a good job that you were there."

Elle gives me a small whack on my arm, and stands up; just as my parents return from outside.

"You're leaving?" I ask, not wanting to be alone with them.

Elle realises what I am thinking but I guess she wants to go.  She really has stayed longer than she should, and I know that her own parents would be annoyed with her if she stayed for any longer.

We hug, and say goodbye, and soon I am left with mum and dad.

The End

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