goldrush in foal!Mature

OMG i had the vet come round today beacus goldrush was acting strange and it turned out she was in foal. who was the father? when will the foal be born? i asked the vet. he onlysaid that it would be about 2 months. i meand how didnt i realise that she was getting fat im a idiot!

i called sam and told him we think it was comet his stallion beacuse they were sharing a field not to long ago.. we dont know really its a night mare keeping goldrush happy ive decided that im not incien and that i really can hear the horses. im getting tierd of having to run to the shop to get polos for goldrush she loves them but im not realy  giving her then im giving her those speshil horse treats for horses in foal ou know the ones that look and taste like polos.

The End

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