Prove You WrongMature

After that night, I woke up the next morning to Dex being gone and a note left on my dresser. It said that he was sorry for putting me through what he did and that he promised he would never do that again. We continued on after that morning, pretending nothing had happened that night.

Dex went through with what he said he would. He just didn't expect for it to be the reason he thought. He also didn't expect to be the one getting his heart broken. It turned out that when Dex went to break up with Jennifer at her house, he caught her with another guy. They didn't see him, but he saw  them in the living room window. The next day at school wasn't so pleasant.

"Jennifer, you're such a fucking bitch!" snapped Dex, becoming extremely angry. "Who the fuck was he?"

"Just some guy..." she replied, looking away from him.

"Just some guy? Are you kidding me? You were sucking face with him! How long, Jen?"

She shifted on her feet. "Since I found out you kissed her." She pointed at me.

Everyone stared.

"That was forever ago! I wasn't cheating on you!" He threw his hands up in the air. "I didn't even know you then! Are you insane?"

"Well you should have told me!" she blurted, crossing her arms.

He stared at her, dumbfounded. "No one goes around telling people about their first kiss when they meet. Why does it matter? You know what? Here." He grabbed me and kissed me in front of everyone.

I pulled away from him and stared at Jennifer, my face burning. "Uh..."

"We're done," he grumbled walking past her, shoving her a little. "Go fuck your boy toy."

Her mouth dropped as she stared after him.

Awkwardly, I stood there for a moment. Then Liam and I ran after him. I couldn't believe we'd just witnessed what we did. Plus he'd kissed me in front of everyone. They did agree with him, however. Jennifer shouldn't have done what she did, but it was in the past now. Dex was hurt and I felt bad for him. I suddenly didn't feel so bad about wanting to date him or have him sleepover anymore.

When we caught up to Dex, he was frustrated and looked like he'd ran a mile. At first we didn't talk to him, but then I had to ask him.

"Dex, are you okay?" I sat him down on a bench.

"She cheated on first relationship and she cheated on me..." He held his head in his hands. "The whole time..."

I felt bad, so I patted his back. "Didn't you technically cheat on her?"

"I guess, but I never did all the things she did."


"She slept with him, Avery."

My jaw dropped. "What?"

"You're shitting me..." added Liam, sitting next to me.

Dex shook his head. "I found out who he was so I had a friend talk to him and he told people that he'd been sleeping with her behind my back for weeks now."

The look on his face made me sad. He was still hurt even though he was going to break up with her anyway because of her attitude. "Are you sure?"

He nodded.

"I don't know what to say..." I looked to Liam for help.

"Well at least it's over now. You can do better than her anyway," stated Liam, moving over to patting Dex on the back.

Dex looked at him and then at me. For a second he smiled and then looked back at Liam. "I had a chance to do better than her and I blew it. Maybe I can try again, but I don't know. We'll see."

We each then went to our separate classes and said our goodbyes to each other. Dex's comment, though, still rang in my head.

Weeks went by and it seemed as though everything had returned to normal. Except for Jennifer's baby bump. It turned out she was two months pregnant with the other guy's baby. The other guy abandoned her and now she was on her own. Dex never laughed at her or anything of that nature. The only comment he ever made was that he felt sorry for her.

 Liam seemed different too. He seemed to be getting close to me and flirting with me more. It was kind of nice because I was focusing on him and not Dex. It was a nice feeling, but bugging me and I couldn't figure out why.

Dex didn't seem okay with it though. As Liam and I flirted, he rolled his eyes. He told me he felt like a third wheel, but there was something he wasn't telling me. I wanted him to just be honest, though in the back of my mind I thought maybe it was best that I didn't know. Part of me wanted to pretend he wasn't hiding anything...but I couldn't do it. I invited him to the lake so we could talk.

"Hey, what's wrong? You sounded upset when you called," stated Dex, sitting with me on the dock.

"What are you hiding from me, Dex? You always say you feel like a third wheel, but I know you want to say more. So just tell me. I need to know, Dex. What are you feeling? What's wrong?" I questioned, facing him. "I want to help you."

"Then date me."

There was silence for a moment. I stared at him. "What?"

He sighed and scratched his head. "I want you to be my girlfriend. I want you to tell me it's alright. I want to show you how to feel like, what it feels like to be hugged and kissed. I can be that part of you, Avery. I'll try my best. Just...I know you say you love me. I know you mean it as a friend, but give me your heart. I don't want a piece or a part, I want it all. I want you to fall for me, just a little bit. Take a leap of faith...if you want to..."

I stared at him. I wanted to answer him...I really did, but I couldn't think of what to say.

"You don't have to answer me now, but think about it. Can you let me try? That's what I want you to think about especially. Take your time though, Avery. Even if you don't choose to date me, I will still be your best friend."

Feeling myself about to cry, I got up and walked away. I wanted to tell him I wanted him, but I wasn't sure. So I left him there on the dock with his words, his beautiful words, and the lake.

Dex acted like nothing had happened. He was normal at school and talking to people. He was good at going on with his life. I felt like maybe it's all been a dream, but the way he smiled at me betrayed that thought. Dex was extremely good looking. He was toned and had great hair. His eyes were grey and made his hair seem a deep chocolate brown. I liked it when he made his hair into a messy faux-hawk. It made him look even cuter. Girls drooled over him. I used to pride myself on the fact that I wasn't one of them, but now I was.

I was still thinking about Dex's words and how he confessed that he wanted to date me. When I spoke to Liam and flirted with him, I still felt something was missing. Then I figured it out. I did want to be with Dex, but I had to be sure that he still wanted to be with me. In class I wrote him a letter.

It read:


I'm the girl. I can make you smile and I promise to be true, give it all until there's nothing left to lose. I see that you're breaking. Your heart is breaking. I know it's because of what Jennifer did to and that I can't make up my mind. Well, here's my hand, if you'll take it, we can make it out of all of this mess, no more stress. I can be that part of you. I'll try my best.

When the bell rang, I folded up my note and prepared to give it to Dex, but Liam got in front of me. He talked about something I wasn't paying attention to until he popped me a question I wasn't expecting.

"Will you go out with me?" He smiled and looked around. 

Everyone in the hall was staring at me. Including Dex.

"Um...yeah. Okay," I replied smiling.

People clapped as he kissed me in front of everyone. When he pulled away, Dex walked over.

"Congrats, guys," he stated, smiling at us. "Take care of her."

"I will," answered Liam, patting Dex on the back.

Dex nodded. "Give me a hug, Avery."

I felt like crying as I hugged him. I slipped the note in his pocket and whispered in his ear. "I'm sorry...I really am."

He laughed a little. "I know."

The End

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