After the incident with my mom, we'd grown apart. I mainly took care of myself. Mark moved in for reasons I never figured out. My mom had decided to ignore me. Dex came over more to be with me and make sure I was okay, but I still felt lonely.

          One day, Mark decided to saw some wood to make some sort of television stand. I was forced to help him although I wanted nothing to do with him. I watched as the moron attached a metal strip to the wood for looks. Then he began to place the wood on the saw.

          "You can't do that..." I stated, pulling out my phone.

          "What the hell not?" he grunted, talking the saftey goggles.

          "Because the metal part could fly off and hurt you," I explained, texting Dex. "Not that I care if you get hurt."

          He glared. "It'll be fine. This is quicker." He started up the saw and began to saw through the wood.

          My phone buzzed in my hand. I looked down to see that Liam had text me. I smiled and text him back. Then I heard the noise of the saw blade against the metal strip. My stomach began to hurt. Something didn't feel right. Then the saw began to make a weird noise.

          What happened next was a freak accident. The blade broke part of the metal strip and launched it at my face. I turned to avoid it but it cut the corner of my lip to the middle of my cheek on my left. Blood dripped to the garage floor as I held my face.

          "Oh shit..." Mark turned the saw off.

          Tears stung my eyes. "Oh my God..."

          Mark grabbed a cloth and pressed it to my face. He grabbed my hand and pushed the garage door button. "Let's go. I'm taking you to the emergency room. Don't talk."

          We rushed into the car and drove to that hospital. Pain was shooting through my face. I couldn't believe that this was really happening. I'd never guessed that the blade would break the metal and hit me. If I hadn't been forced to help him, it would've never happened. Mark called my mom and explained what had happened. He told her what hospital we were going to and that was it.

          The emergency room was completely filled with people. A little boy with a broken arm gasped at my blood stained clothes and face. I looked away from him. This whole thing just needed to be over. After waiting for what felt like forever, the doctors finally looked at me. They questioned Mark while numbing my face and stitching me up. I felt like a ragdoll. After my mom signed some papers, I was free to go. When she first got to the hospital, Mark comforted her right away. He told her that he would pay for what happened so that she wouldn't be weighed down by medical bills.

          When I got home, Dex came over right away. He brought me a smoothie and sat on my bed with me. "How are you feeling?"

          "It hurts a lot," I muttered out of the side of my mouth. "Thanks for the smoothie."

          "No problem. So, crazy guy tried to saw through metal?" He leaned against my headboard.

          I nodded and sipped my smoothie.

          Dex shook his head. "Jeez. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

          " happened. School is just going to suck," I whined starting to cry. "I don't even know what I'm going to do."

          "Everythings gonna be fine. Those stitches will be out before you know it."

          "I hope so. I'm so sick of all the bad luck," I sniffed, gently touching my stitches.

          He hugged me. "It's alright. Your luck will go up, okay? You'll see."

          After the accident, people stared at me, asked if I was okay and then asked what happened. I had to constantly repeat the story over and over. Liam and Dex always tried to help by telling people, but mainly Dex told people what happened. He knew more and Liam stood by my side. After about a month or so, the stitches were able to come out. A large puffy pink scar took their place. It didn't bug me. Not until Tamera of course said something.

          "Ew, what's with your face?" she sneered, scrunching her nose.

          "What do you mean?" I sighed, turning to look at her.

          She laughed. "That scar makes you look like a mutilated victim."

          People whispered and stared at me.

          I gently touched my face.

          "You're beyond help," she smirked, walking away with her pack of girls.

          Dex tripped her as she walked by him. "Tamera, you need to watch where you're going."

          She flipped her hair and continued walking.

          Liam watched her go with a blank expression on his face.

          "Well at least I have my best friends," I stated, hugging them both.

          Although I knew what Tamera had said was just to be mean, it still hurt me. I couldn't fix what had happened that day. I couldn't fix my face. My best friends didn't care though so why should it matter?

          At least one of them didn't care.

          Later that night I got a call from Liam.


          "Hey, Liam."

          "Um, I need to tell you something about us..." He cleared his throat.

          I gulped. "Um, I don't date. Not until I'm in high school."

          "Well...I can't wait..."

          "What do you mean?"

          He sighed. "I don't want to wait to date you."


          "It's...your's not very becoming if you get what I mean."

          Tears formed in my eyes. "You're kidding this 'cause of what Tamera said?"

          There was dead silence on the line. I couldn't even hear him breathing.

          "Okay, Liam. I get it. Bye," I whispered, hanging up.

          I wandered around the house, not knowing what else to do. Mark was in the living room watching television. He watched me walk by four times before stopping me.

          "What are you doing?" He muted the T.V.

          "My bestfriend who had a crush on me doesn't want to wait for me any more because of the scar on my face."

          He winced. "I'm sorry."

          I stared at him. "You're still cheating on my mom, aren't you?"

          He looked away from me.

          "She's like in love with you, you know." I kicked a piece of lint on the ground. "I told her you were cheating and she didn't believe me."

          Slowly he looked back up at me. "Really?"

          I nodded. "Still doesn't mean I'm okay with you. If you hurt her, you'll be sorry."

          He looked back at the T.V.

          Quietly, I walked away and headed outside. The air was cool and smelled like freshly watered grass. The town I lived in was as pretty as could be. We had a beautiful lake only minutes away from my house. Shoving my hands in my pockets, I began to walk to Dex's house. There was nothing else I could think of to do. If he wasn't there, then I'd go to the lake. The lake seemed to be everyone's place to relax. During the summer, there'd be a big barbeque. Dex told me all about how it went. Apparently, it was really great because all the kids would get together and play a huge game of hide and seek.

          As I approached Dex's house, I began to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I took out my phone instead and called him, telling him to come outside. As I waited in the cool night air, I kicked a little rock around the sidewalk. I was so confused still about Liam. He betrayed me and it hurt.

          "Hey, you," sighed Dex, coming out of his house. "What's wrong?"

          I looked up and smiled a bittersweet smile.

          "Oh,'re crying..." He jogged over and hugged me closely. "What's wrong? Do you want to go to the lake?"

          I nodded and walked with him towards the lake.

          It was a quiet walk. Only the sound of leaves crunching under our feet could be heard. The moon shone through the trees, making the ground seem to glow. As we reached the lake, the water seems to shimmer and dance before us. We sat on the end of the dock, staring out at the lake.

          "So, what's going on, Avery? Is is about Mark?" asked Dex, crossing his legs.

          Shanking my head, I pulled my knees up to my chest. "It's about Liam."

          He frowned. "What happened?"

          "He called me and said that he couldn't wait for me anymore." MY voice was soft and quiet.

          "Why?" He seemed slightly angry.

          I pointed at the scar on my face.

          His face burned. "Are you kidding me?"

          "I wish I was...I'm so confused...what's wrong with my scar?"

          "Nothing! Nothing is wrong with you!" He threw his hands up. "He's gonna get his ass kicked!"

          I stared at him. He really did care about me. "He thinks I'm scar is ugly."

          He grabbed me and held my face in between his hands. "Listen to me. You aren't ugly. You're beautiful, okay? What he says doesn't matter."

          I sniffed. "Okay."

          He kissed my scar gently and squeezed my face. After he pulled away, he smiled a half smile at me. "Don't cry anymore. You're more beautiful when you don't cry."

          My head was spinning. No boy had ever kissed me, not even on the cheek. "You kissed me..."

          Confused, he nodded and let go of my face. "Yeah...I know."

          "I've never been kissed before. Not by a guy on like the cheek or anything..."

          He chuckled and smiled. "You're adorable. Ever since I first met you."

          I felt my face turn hot. "I'm gonna go home now. I'll see you later."

          We both got up and headed to the road. As we went our seperate ways, Dex turned me around.

          "You should have had your first kiss already. You're too beautiful not to have one," he stated, grinning. Then quickly he pressed his lips against mine.

          At first, I was shocked. Then I was flattered. Finally I kissed him back and followed his movements. When he pulled away, I kept my eyes closed. I wanted to savor the moment. He held me in his arms and moved my hair out of my face. Slowly I opened my eyes.

          "Promise me you'll be my bestfriend forever, okay?" He smiled, hugging me.

          "Promise," I sighed.

          The next day I peaked into my mom's room as she was getting ready for work. She was putting on makeup and humming along with the radio. Instantly, the solution to my problem was fixed. I could use makeup to hide most of my scar and enhance my other features.

          "Mommy, can you help me do makeup?" I stood beside her.

          She looked down at me excitedly. "My baby girl wants makeup? I never thought this day would come so soon!"

          "I want to hide my scar," I stated pointing at my scar.

          He smiled wavered for a second. "Well this is called foundation and cover up. Use the cover up first and then the foundation like this."

          As she applied the makeup to my face, she explained what everything did and what everything was. I was interested and incredibly happy that my mom was spending some time with me. My mom told me she didn't want me doing my makeup incredibly dark, so she showed me how to do it lightly, but still dark enough to bring out my blue eyes. When she stepped to the side, my mouth dropped. I looked like a model. My scar wasn't as noticable anymore and my eyes looked very blue. My eyelashes were long and curly.

          "Wow," I gasped, touching my face. "I look pretty."

          "You always look pretty, baby. I'll pick up some makeup just for you on my way home okay? I'll see you late!" she chirped, heading off to work.

          Excited about my new look, I ran to my room to call Dex. "Dex! Come over right now! I got something to show you!"

          "Alright, be there soon, you nut," he laughed.

          I ran downstairs excitedly, looking for something to eat until Dex got here. While chewing on a poptart, I noticed the garage door was open. I peeked inside and saw that Mark was working on the television stand again. He was really focused on reading the instructions this time. Without a word, I left him to build the stand and retreated to the front porch.

          The afternoon air was warm and smelled like wet cement. It was one of the few days of fall where the air was warm. As I swung on the bench on the porch, I thought about my dad. I wondered what it would be like having him here with me and my mom. She never spent time with me anymore, only Mark. We were just a normal mother and daughter now. It hurt me, but at least I knew the truth about my father.

          "Avery! What did you want to show me?" shouted Dex, riding his bike up to my porch.

          I jumped up and ran to him. "Look at my face!"

          He stared at me and smiled. "You look really pretty."

          I grinned. "Thank you!"

          We laughed and stood there for a moment. We tried to think of something to do but we couldn't. Instead we decided to just swing on the bench and rest in the nice warm air. My self esteem was shot because of what Mark had accidently done to me and makeup was my new way of coping with it. But no matter what, I knew that I had Dex right by my side when things got tough.

          Especially when Liam came to my house.

          "Hey, Avery. Wow, you look really pretty today," he stated smiling at me. "I, um...I was coming by to ask if I could get my jacked back, but I think I should be apologizing instead."

          Dex stood up and got in Liam's face. "You're shallow."

          "I know, and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rude..." Liam responded, backing up a little.

          I thought a moment. "It's okay. Everyone deserves a second chance."

          He smiled brightly and glanced at Dex.

          After talking for a minute, I got up to get us all something to eat. As I was leaving the front porch I overheard Dex.

          "If you hurt hurt her again, I'll kick your ass," he warned.

The End

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