Five months later.

You climb out of your bed carefully so you don’t wake the sleeping James next to you. Before heading out the door you take a long look at James. You had no idea you could be this happy. You look forward to waking up in the morning just so you can see his face again. You were in complete bliss and enjoying every second of it.

Closing the bedroom door quietly you tip toe to the kitchen and put two pop tarts in the toaster. Your stomach rumbled at the smell of breakfast, you hadn’t realised you were that hungry. When the toaster pops you pick out the tarts quickly so you can silence your angry stomach. You pick up the first one and just as you are about to take a bite the phone rings. Of course, just my luck.


“Hey Autumn, it’s Ben”, you smile when you hear Ben’s voice. You’re so lucky to still have him around. Things had been awkward at first but now you were like brother and sister. Something that you never wanted to change.

“I know it’s you Ben. Caller ID remember?”

“Haha, of course. Listen, I was wondering if you and James were doing anything later?”

“Nope, nothing. Why?”

“Well there’s someone I want you to meet”, you can hear him smiling through the phone and you smile for him.

“Oh really? And who is this mystery person?”

“Her names Jane. I think you’re going to love her. Shall we say 7? We’ll pick you up”

“Sure, see you then. I’m so happy for you Ben”, and you smile again. Things hadn’t been easy for Ben, and you were so happy that he’d found someone. Even if it didn’t last, it would be good for him.

“Bye Autumn”

You put the phone down and turn round to finish your breakfast. What you find is an empty plate and a grinning James. Your stomach grumbles in anger but your face breaks out into a smile. You can’t be mad at him. You could never be mad at him.

“Oi, cheeky. That was mine”, you laugh at him and take one step forward to close the distance between you.

“Nope, the ones in the toaster are yours”, he grins at you and heart beat quickens. It’s funny how after all this time he still had that effect on you.

“Oh how thoughtful of you to make me some breakfast”, the sarcasm in your voice makes the grin on his face bigger. He puts his arms around your waist and pulls you closer so your bodies are touching. You wrap your arms around his neck and lean your face in closer. Your body tingles when his lips touch yours, even after 5 months. You hoped this feeling lasts forever. James leans away and you can’t help but be disappointed. The moments never lasted long enough. He smiles at you and the toaster pops.

“Good morning beautiful”, he says handing you two pop tarts. When you take the plate out of his hands he bows. You can’t help but laugh, everything he did made you happy.

You walk through to the living room and get comfy on the sofa. It takes about two seconds for James to join you.

“Oh James, we’re going out with Ben at 7 by the way, there’s someone he wants us to meet”, you take a bite out of the pop tart and then grin at James. You couldn’t hide the happiness you felt for Ben. He’d been alone for too long.

“Really? That’s great. Go him”, James smiles back at you and you can’t help but lean over and kiss his gorgeous grin. He puts his arm round you while you finish your breakfast and you happily melt into his body. Things were so perfect. You check your watch and decide its time to get dressed.

“Right, better go get showered and dressed”, you stand up and start walking towards the bathroom. James’s hand flashes out and pulls you back so you’re sitting on his lap. He leans in and kisses you again before pushing you back off him. He looks up at you and grins again.

“Well what are you standing around here for then, off you go”

“I’m going, I’m going”, you smile back at him and start walking towards the bathroom again.

“Oh and Autumn”, turning your head to look at James you reply.


“I love you”, he smiles at you with nothing but adoration in his face and you feel like the most important person in the world. You do every time he says that. You mirror his expression perfectly.

“I love you too James.”

The End

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