Once again, we're just friends.

James makes sure to stand as far away from Jessica as possible without seeming horrible. He doesn’t say anything. He’s not really sure how to react to this. The awkward atmosphere made him uncomfortable and he just wanted to go back and hold Autumn in his arms again. Jess stays quiet and James keeps his eyes on the ground trying his best to ignore the silence that he’s drowning in.

“What the HELL JAMES?!,” the sudden sound of Jess’s raised voice nearly knocks James over, “I thought we had something!” He pulls his eyes up and looks at her flushed face. He would have thought that was cute but not now. Not now he had everything he needed. Autumn. Jess is looking at him expectantly and he can’t feel anything but annoyance towards her. How many times would they have to go through this?

“No Jess, I told you before”, he struggles to keep his voice calm because he doesn’t want to shout at her. He doesn’t want to be mean, “We’re just friends.”

“But…but…but I thought you were just playing hard to get! I really like you James!”, James sighs to himself and walks closer to Jess so his faces is in front of hers.

“No Jess. We’re just friends. I’m with Autumn now. I’m sorry”, his eyes stare into hers, just to make sure he’s got his message across. When Jess doesn’t reply his feet do the thinking for him and he turns to make his way back to Autumn. He smiles to himself at the thought of Autumn waiting for him and walks a bit quicker. He missed her. He’s about to break into a run when Jess pulls his arm and turns him round. Without giving James the chance to protest she forces her lips on his. Jess works hard at trying to get him to kiss back but after 10 seconds of him standing there like cardboard she pulls away.

“Tell me James, tell me you felt nothing!”, her eyes were filled with desperation, but she’s gone too far for James to feel sorry for her.

“I felt nothing”, and with that he breaks into a run and makes his way back to the beach.

When he sees Autumn he stops. He takes in every detail of this moment and grins at the fact that she was his. He slides next to her and puts his arm round her waist. When she turns her face and smiles at him a shoot of electricity runs through him. He’s never felt this way before and he’s enjoying every second of it. Returning the grin he pulls her closer to him.

“So, where were we?”

The End

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