James makes sure that he keeps his arm around Autumns waist for the entire walk back to the beach. He doesn’t like the idea of not having her with him, so refuses to let his arm leave her side. The walk back isn’t filled with conversation, he doesn’t feel the need for it, and obviously neither does Autumn. So he immerses himself in the silence, most people would feel awkward at this, but not him. He enjoys just being with Autumn and being able to kiss her forehead and hold her hand without excuses. He’s happy with the silence because it allows him to note down and go over everything from this perfect day.

When they reach the beach, the part just behind the house, James rushes in and comes back with a towel, a bottle of wine and two glasses. He looks at Autumn and grins, she returns the smile almost instantly and sits down on the towel. James notices that she moves with such grace it makes his breath stop. He wonders how he could have never realised all these things before. He curses at himself for being so blind. Pouring the wine into the glasses he hands one to Autumn and sits down next to her. They made it just in time for the sunset. Autumn shivers and James automatically takes off his jacket and wraps it around her shoulders. This feels so normal to him it’s almost as if they’ve been together for years. He wraps his arms around her shoulder and the feel of her skin puts goose bumps on his arm.

“This is perfect,” she whispers, turning her head round to smile at him. James smiles back and strokes her cheek with his hands.

“You read my mind,” he replies, smiling at the reference to their conversation earlier, and leans his face in closer. So close he can feel her breath, he lingers there before kissing her, just so he can remind himself how lucky he is. When his lips touch hers for the second time that night his whole body stands to attention. He’s aware of every single touch of her skin on his and drowns himself in the complete bliss of the moment. He pulls her up so she’s sitting on his lap without breaking the kiss and holds her there. His tongue starts tracing the inside of her mouth -

“Ahem,” they pull apart to see where the noise came from and when James turns around he instantly wishes he hadn’t. Ben and Jessica are both standing there, looking incredibly uncomfortable. Jessica keeps her eyes on James and Bens stay on Autumn.

Both mouths open, “Can I talk to you for a minute please?”

The End

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