What? What did he just say? You can’t stop your mouth from dropping open. Surely you’re not hearing right. You look at his face searching for any hint of a joke but there’s nothing there to show it. James is looking at you, waiting for your response and you feel bad for just sitting there. You’ve dreamed of this moment for so long, gone through what would happen and what you would say over and over, but now you can’t think. Your brain has come to stand still. You drop your eyes to the table so you can try and get your thoughts in order. With James’s eyes on you it makes it incredibly hard to think, even if it’s not that hard to tell him you feel exactly the same. When you drop your eyes he leans away from you but you can still feel his eyes on you. His leg is bouncing under the table, he’s clearly nervous and you feel bad for keeping him in suspense. Taking a deep breath you look up at him and smile.

“I love you too James. Always have, always will,” the relief you feel with those words off your chest is indescribable. However that feeling is nothing compared to the electricity you feel shoot through your body when he grins at you. You smile back at him, words aren’t needed right now. Not here in this perfect moment. You lean forward across the table mirroring James’s actions automatically. When his hand strokes the side of your cheek your skin sets on fire. You can feel your cheeks redden but this time you don’t feel the need to hide it. Your eyes search his face, taking everything in, wanting to remember everything this moment. When your eyes meet your stomach twists and as he leans in towards you everything falls into place. You’ve never thought you would find anything that would make you this happy. You’ve found perfection in a small restaurant in Spain, and you love every second of it.

When your lips meet his every part of your body stands to attention. You can’t feel anything but where his body is touching yours. Everything else fades into the back ground. The only thing stopping you from getting even closer to him, the way your body is screaming at you to, is the table. When you pull away from his face to take a breath you can’t help but grin. James leans forward so his forehead is leant against yours and you can feel him smiling as well.

“I feel like a walk on the beach,” you whisper. The only thing that could make this night any better would be a sunset and you still had time to catch it.

“You read my mind,” James replies and stands up holding his hand out so you can place yours in it. He leaves the money on the table to cover the meal and leads you out the door.

The End

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