Getting it perfect.

James has put on his best clothes, well the best clothes he brought with him, and has made extra effort to make himself look as good as he can. He wants this night to be perfect. He’s now standing in front of Autumn’s bedroom door building up the confidence to knock. When he lifts up his hand it’s shaking. He’s never been this nervous before but then again he’s never felt like this before. He pushes his fist onto the door and knocks twice.

“Just a minute James,” the sound of Autumn’s voice put the hairs on his arms stand up to attention. He’s excited. When Autumn opens the door his stomach ties in knots and hia heart beat speeds up. She looked absolutely beautiful. More so then usual and he didn’t think that was possible. The smile that played on her lips made him weak and he found he had lost all concept of speech. She closed her door behind her and made her way down the corridor. James found himself only able to stand there and watch her. When she turned round to face him, he gave her the biggest grin he could manage without looking creepy and followed after her.

He managed to make conversation during the walk to the restaurant and not say anything stupid. He tried telling himself that it was just Autumn he was with but it was no use. He loved her now. No, he was in love with her now. This made things a lot harder for him. He felt the need to hold her hand, put his arm round her, kiss her. He felt the need to hold her but right now he couldn’t. So he controlled his urges by making small talk and trying to act as normal as possible. He reminded himself that he wouldn’t have to hide these needs soon. In a couple of hours it would be all out in the open.

He acted like the perfect gentleman all night. He wanted things to be perfect. So when he felt he couldn’t put it off anymore he began to speak. No more small talk.

“Autumn? You know I said I wanted to talk to you about something?,” her eyes look at his face and a bolt of electricity shoots though his body.

“Yeah?,” she nods when she says this and the way her hair bounces on her shoulders makes it hard for James not to reach out and push it out of her face. Her eyes are watching him curiously, waiting for him to speak. James clears his throat and takes Autumns hands in his. He looks straight into her eyes trying not to give away how nervous he actually is. He makes sure his eyes don’t stray from hers and takes a deep breath.

“I’m in love with you Autumn. I love you. So, so much.”

The End

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