Just friends, what part of that don't you understand?

James pushes Jessica away from him, probably harder then he should have, but he was annoyed. He didn’t even make an attempt to kiss her back. All he could think about was Autumn. He’d been watching her lying on the beach earlier. The sun reflecting perfectly off her curvy body. Her arms laid out above her head showing off her chest, he wanted to much to go and join her. But he’d have felt bad for leaving Jessica. Though that worry had gone out the window as he pushed Jessica away.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”, his face was filled with anger but he couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering back to the beach to see if Autumn was still there. She wasn’t. His heart sank a little. And then he brought his attention back to an upset looking Jessica.

“What do you mean James? I thought you wanted this?”, her eyes were beginning to water. But James didn’t care anymore, he was bored of her stupid attempts at seducing him.

“No Jessica. I didn’t want that. I told you, we’re just friends! Why don’t you understand that?”

“I thought you were just playing hard to get. I thought you liked me James!”, there were tears falling down her cheeks now, and James felt a pang of guilt.

“I told you. We’re just friends. I’m sorry you’re upset but I just don’t feel that way”, he decides to be a bit more gentle, he doesn’t like the sight of her in tears. He reaches out to reassure her, but pulls his hand back not wanting to give her the wrong impression. No matter how clear he made his feelings, he knew Jessica wouldn’t give up. Not if he made bodily contact with her.

“I’m going to go out James. I’d like it if you didn’t talk to me for a while. Goodnight”, she wipes her eyes and then walks off. Leaving James standing alone on the balcony. He takes a few minutes to look at the spot where Autumn was lying before going back in the house to search for her.

After checking her room and the bathroom upstairs and finding nothing he heads downstairs.

“Hey Autumn? You downstairs?”

The End

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