Time for the beach

You’re lying on the beach trying to put some colour in your pale skin. And trying not to think about the fact that James has been avoiding you for the past 3 days. You’re half way through the holiday and you still haven’t found out what James was going to tell you the day you arrived. You haven’t had the guts to bring it up and he hasn’t had the time to talk to you. You’re not one for pushing people, so you left him to talk to you when he wanted to.

Stretching your legs out you can feel the water at your feet. The tide must be coming in. You stand up at pull your towel a little further up the beach and you notice that James and Jessica are standing on the balcony together. A shoot of pain rushes through your body, but you can’t take your eyes away from them. You don’t want them to notice you staring so you lie back down on your towel and lean your head back far enough so your can just about make out what’s happening. They’re not talking and James is looking out at sea, you wish he was looking at you. You can just make our Jessica’s hand running up and down his back which sends a shiver down yours. James has an odd look on his face, though that could just be because you’re looking at him upside down. Jessica is moving closer to his face and as much as it pains you to watch, you continue. You can see James’s lips move, he’s telling her something, and then she pushes her face forward and her lips are on his. You can’t bare to see anymore. Grabbing your towel you stand up and run inside.

You stop when you get to the kitchen and look for the first alcoholic drink you can find. Anything to take your mind off it. Searching the cupboards you realise that you are seriously low on drink and make a mental note to go to the shops in town tomorrow to buy some. What kind of holiday would it be without a little craziness? Though you didn’t know what you’d do to stop yourself from thinking about James now. Sighing you shut the cupboard and rest your head in your hands. Turns out this holiday wasn’t such a good idea after all.

“You okay Autumn?”, the voice surprises you and you turn round hoping to see James standing there. But yet again your hope leads to disappointment as Ben is standing in the doorway, with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah I’m fine. Don’t worry about me”, you lie. Though you don’t think you lied very well. Ben walks towards you with a reassuring smile on his face.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look so great”

“I guess I’m just feeling a little lonely….James hasn’t spoken to me much this whole holiday”, you skip the details of what happened before dinner, not wanting to bring them up.

“If you ask me it’s his loss”, Ben is now standing right in front of you, still reassuring you with his smile. You smile back at him, letting him know your fine. He opens his arms offering you a hug and you step into them. You just want some company.

“Thanks Ben”

“Anytime Autumn”, you look up to give him another smile and before you know it you can feel his lips on yours. You’re too shocked to pull away and if you’re honest you don’t really want to. It feels so good to have someone hold you, to have someone kiss you that you stay there. You don’t want to feel alone anymore.

The End

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