James is sitting by himself on the beach. He can’t believe he had the perfect chance to tell Autumn how he felt and he let it pass him by. He chickened out, the reality of if his feelings were not returned hit him and he wasn’t sure if he could handle that. He felt so stupid, he never used to worry about being hurt by a girl. He only worried if he was hurting them. He was sure he could take anything that was thrown at him and it not even making a dent. But now all he could think of was how much it was going to hurt if she said she didn’t feel the same. He didn’t know if he could take that risk, he no longer knew if he could tell her.

Autumn hadn’t said anything to him throughout the whole of dinner. He regretted pulling her back at the door, it clearly made her uncomfortable. He wondered if she was back together with Ben, though there was nothing to suggest that. The thought still plagued his mind. Using Jessica as a distraction was becoming much harder as his thoughts became more and more focused on Autumn. Though Jessica still refused to give up on him, in fact she had her hands going up and down his thigh throughout the whole of dinner. No matter how many times he pulled it away.

Sighing at the situation he had found himself in,he gets up and starts walking back to the house. It was getting cold out and he suddenly felt incredibly tired. Looking up at the balcony he sees Autumn standing there like earlier. Only this time she looks much more natural, she’s got changed since they went to the restaurant. Her hair is no longer tied up and the breeze is blowing it across her face and down the side of her bare arms. Her vest top outlines her figure and her shorts show off her toned legs. He’s never seen anyone so beautiful and wonders why it took so long for him to notice. She looks so at peace and he can see the waves reflected in her eyes. Damn it James, control yourself, he thinks to himself. He’s never felt so helpless to desires before, but seeing Autumn push her air out of her face and moving one of her legs in front of the other is killing him. All he can think about is what it would be liked to hold her, to kiss her, to be with her.

"Hey James”, Autumns voice is like music to his ears, “Something wrong? You’re staring.” Her giggle makes him want to run upstairs and wrap his arms around her. But he doesn’t.

“Nope, I’m fine. Just heading off to bed, goodnight love”, and with that he drags his eyes away from Autumn and forces his body to walk inside.

The End

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