You’ve settled into the house, all your things are unpacked and you’re currently looking out at the sea. You feel so at peace with the beautiful scenery surrounding you. Though you can’t help but think that this moment would be just that little bit more perfect if James was with you. But from what you saw at the airport it seems that him and Jessica were becoming serious. It looked like you’d be spending the most of this holiday with Ben, you just hoped things would stop being awkward between the two of you.

“Autumn?”, you hear James call your name and turn around to see him walking towards you. Your stomach does flips, he looks so gorgeous in his baggy jeans and white vest top. You can see his toned stomach through his vest and the sight of his strong arms make it so hard for you not to walk into them. You realise you’ve been looking at him for a couple of minutes now, and although he’s smiling at you, it’s clear he wants a reply.

“That is my name”, you joke and smile back at him.

“I was…uh…wondering if I could talk to you about something?”, if you didn’t know any better you would think he was nervous. But James is never nervous so you must be mistaken.

“Sure, talk away”


“James…you know you’re not actually saying anything that makes sense”, you giggle, maybe he is nervous. But because of what? You try to think of a reason why he would be, but come up with nothing.

“Right, okay, well...lately I’ve bee-”

“Guys, you out there? We’re ready to head of to the restaurant now. Hurry up.”, Ben voice coming from inside interrupts James, and you curse him for it. You’re dying to know what he was going to say.

“Guess it will have to wait till later, we better get going Autumn. I know how impatient Jessica can be”, you wince when he mentions her name. You don’t know what you were hoping for, and kick yourself for thinking that whatever James was going to say would be about you. He obviously really likes Jessica. Eurgh.

“Come on guys, we’re waiting!”, this time it’s Jessica’s voice that comes from inside. You resist the urge to yell something rude back.

“Coming!”, you shout this back instead. Turning back to look at James you smile, though the expression that’s on his face is one you haven’t seen him wear before. He looks like he’s in pain. Before you can ask him what’s up he walks back into the house.

“Are you coming then Autumn?”, you sigh and follow James back into the house where Ben and Jessica are waiting for you. Ben smiles at you and you try and focus on that instead of the fact that Jessica is winding her fingers through James’s.

“Come on then, they won’t hold our table forever”, Ben walks out the house and Jessica follows. You’re about to walk out the door, knowing that James will let you go first. Your foot just hits the pavement outside when you feel James pull you back.

“James what are you doing?”, you laugh at his out of character behaviour, though really you’re starting to get a little worried. His eyes are staring straight into yours and your body is screaming at you to step forward and place your lips on his. But then he looks down and lets your arm go.

“It’s nothing. Sorry. Come on they’ll be wondering where we’ve got to”, he looks back up at you and smiles. His usual smile, whatever just happened he seems to be fine now. So you ignore it, not wanting to get your hopes up again. Not wanting to let your mind come up with all these ideas that maybe, just maybe, James wanted to be with you. That what he wants to tell you is that he loves you, that what his eyes were just yelling at you were that he never wants to let you go. So you return his smile, before quickly looking away and heading out the door.

The End

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