An awkward reunion

James is sitting in the waiting bay of the airport with Jessica sitting next to him. Actually she’s sitting so close she’s practically on top of him. He shuffles slightly to the left to put some distance between the two of them. He doesn’t want Autumn getting the wrong idea when she turns up. He had made it clear to Jessica yesterday that he just wanted to be friends, much to her disgust. And much to his disgust she hadn’t stopped trying to change his mind since. He enjoyed her company and she made him laugh, but he hadn’t been able to get Autumn out of his head. Which was why he had decided to talk to her and to tell her how he felt. He hoped that once he did this then Jessica would get the idea of being friends for good. Though what he hoped for more was for Autumn to return his feelings. Even though he felt like that was very unlikely, surely she would have said something to him if she did like him? But he had made the decision to tell her, and he was sticking with it. He planned on finding some time alone with her at the right moment to confess his feelings.

“Hey James, Ben and Autumn are here”, he’s pulled out of his thoughts and his stomach drops. He didn’t think he could be this nervous. He smiles at Autumn as she walks up to him and Jessica, but feels his face fall when he sees Bens arm on the small of her back. All of a sudden he wanted to hit Ben and to tell him to back off. But that would be a stupid thing to do, and would obviously not impress Autumn. Besides, it might not mean anything, it was probably just a friendly gesture he told himself. He focused his attention on Autumns face, taking in every detail, all the beautiful parts that he failed to notice before. He surprised him that she looked about as nervous as he was. But he didn’t want her to notice, so he placed his normal grin on his face and went to greet her.

“Hey kitten, long time no see”, he swears he sees her cheeks redden a little, but just puts it down to excitement.

“Hey James, how’ve you been?

“I’ve been okay…I’ve missed you”, he gives her a shy smile that she returns before turning away. He still hasn’t figured out why she did that, he made a mental note to ask her.

“I missed you too.” Of course Jessica took this time to walk over and wind her arms around James’s waist. He saw Autumn’s eyes drop down and she turned to find Ben who was queuing. He felt the urge to reach out and pull her back but resisted. She clearly wanted to go and talk to Ben. So as much as it pained him, he let he walk away from him.

“Come on James, we should go board the plane as well”, he pulls her arms off him and turned round to face her.

“Jessica please, you know how I feel. But yes, we should go board the plane”, grabbing his suitcase he walks over to join the rest of the queue. Followed by a slightly deflated Jessica.

The End

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