Time to leave

You’re sitting on your sofa waiting for Ben to pick you up and take you to the airport. You’re filled with excitement at the idea of leaving your apartment for a week, but also at the thought of seeing James again. Since you told him about the holiday last week you’ve only been speaking on the phone, there was a odd atmosphere between the two of you lately. One that made it even more difficult for you to see him, the strange new tension between you was unbearable. You’re hoping it will be gone when you’re both in a different country, though you wish you were going to be alone together. Ben was great company and without him you wouldn’t even be going away but he’s been dropping hints all week that he wants to start something up again. It’s just a shame nothing has changed from the last time, other wise he would be perfect for you. And even if Ben wasn’t coming there was still the problem of Jessica. You’re not entirely sure what is going on between her and James but you have a pretty good idea that it’s more then just a friendship. You’ve regretted inviting her along for the whole week, but you can’t take it back now. Besides, with more people there maybe the tension between you and James would disappear.

 There’s a knock at your door, grabbing your suitcase you go and answer it. Ben is standing there grinning at you.

“Ready? The taxi is waiting and James just rang me letting me know him and Jessica will meet us at the airport”

“Ready as I’ll ever be”, you reply grinning back at him, “I know I’ve said this a thousand times this week. But thank you so much Ben.” Pulling your case out the door you follow Ben out the building and to the taxi.

“You need to stop thanking me Autumn, I get the idea”, he puts your case in the boot and opens the door for you, “Besides, I can think of better ways you can thank me.” He winks at you and you can feel yourself blushing. Though you’re not sure why, you’re not interested in him at all even though you suddenly wish you were. If you liked Ben and not James then your life would be a lot easier. But since when was life ever easy?

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry”, Bens face has worry written all over it. You hate the fact that he feels like he’s treading on egg shells around you. You’ve noticed that he’s made a habit of mentioning James’s name as little as possible, which makes you feel even worse for what happened between you before. Though your grateful he makes the effort not to bring it up.

“Don’t be silly, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirting Ben. Isn’t that what holidays are all about?”, he smiles at your reassurance and you give him a smile back.

“Yes. I suppose they are”, he turns away from you and stares out the window. You’re praying that things won’t be awkward between you for the whole week. He might be the only company you have depending on what goes on with James and Jessica.

For the rest of the drive to airport the both of you sit in silence and you’re allowed to think about what you’re going to say to James when you see him. Though knowing him you won’t have to think about it because no doubt he’ll have something to say first. But that’s if Jessica leaves him alone for long enough. Part of you is really excited and the other part is telling you to turn around and go back home. But that will just pro-long the problem. Which would be even harder to bare. Also, if you don’t go, then you will have no idea what happens between him and Jessica. Which you really do want to know, even if it hurts you. It’s better then living in the dark and letting your mind worry.

Turning your head so you can see out the window of the taxi, you try to focus your thoughts more on the holiday and not on James.

The End

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