Pizza with Jessica

Jessica is in James’s kitchen putting the pizza’s in the oven and James is sitting on his sofa. He doesn’t remember the last time he’s been hugged so much in such a short amount of time. As soon as he opened the door Jessica had jumped on him. He had asked for a distraction and this was, so far, proving out to be a very good one. Even if somewhere in his thoughts he was wishing that it was Autumns arms that had been around his.

“Honey? The pizza will be ready in half an hour so keep an eye on the time for me sweetie”, Jessica walks back from the kitchen and sits next to James. He doesn’t really like that fact that she’s so close to him all the time but he hasn’t got the heart to tell her to back off. Her hands are finding their way up and down his chest and he’s trying to pay attention to the episode of Friends that’s on the T.V. However he’s finding it incredibly hard. He gently pulls Jessica’s hand off him and turns away, trying to be subtle but also trying to give her the hint that he just wants to hang out. He doesn’t want this to go anywhere.

“You okay baby?”, Jessica got up and was now standing in front of him.

“Yeah I’m fine, I just haven’t seen this episode before”, he lies smoothly and prays she got the hint.

“It’ll be on again”, she’s looking down at him and giving him her most seductive smile. It never fails, or so she’s been told.

“But I want to watch it now, okay? I just want to hang out”, he looks at her hoping that he hasn’t hurt her feelings. But she looks fine, in fact she’s smiling, so he relaxes and puts his attention back on the T.V. Jessica sits next to him again and places her hand on his knee. As long as that was all she was doing then he had no problem with it. He didn’t want to risk hurting her by saying anything else. He doesn’t like the idea of causing anyone pain.

For the rest of the afternoon Jessica made no other attempts to do anything with James. Not that he was complaining because the more he thought about it the more he didn‘t want anything to happen. But he was enjoying having someone around to take his mind off things. He was finding it much harder then he thought not to think about Autumn. Everything reminded him of her and it was hurting him, though he wasn’t sure why. Surely he couldn’t like her this much so soon? Whatever it was, it was getting him down. So he resorted to putting all of his attention on Jessica. Who was currently cuddling up to him on the sofa, which was as far as he was allowing things to go. He was just getting into the film they were watching when he heard his front door open.

“James? Heyy, the door was open. You’ll never guess what I have to tell you!”, he knows it’s Autumn as soon as she said James. And he’s suddenly feeling guilty for having Jessica with him. He automatically pushes Jessica away when Autumn walks into the living room. He’s almost certain that he saw her face fall when she saw Jessica but can’t decide whether or not he’s just seeing things he wants to.

“Hey Autumn, what’s up?”

“I…er…sorry, what was I saying?”

“You had something to tell me”, he’s sure she looks upset but pushes the thoughts away.

“Yes of course. Right, well basically I bumped into Ben today, and he’s said we can use his house in Spain next week! And it's by the sea! How great is that!.”, her excitement is clear until she turns to Jessica, “You’re more then welcome to come too.” James isn’t sure why Autumn said that with no feeling. It’s almost like she didn’t want her to come, but Autumns far too nice to do that. So once again he pushes his thoughts aside and focuses on the fact that the person who was offering this get away was Ben. He felt a hatred towards him that he didn’t feel before.

“Really? That’s so nice of him. We should totally go James!”, Jessica is grinning at him.

“Erm, yeah that’d be nice Autumn. Tell Ben we’re in”, he smiles at her and again she looks somewhere else.

“Great. I’ll sort out things with Ben later tonight and will let you know what’s happening. Bye Jessica, see you later James”, and with that she turns and leaves. It takes everything in him not to get up and follow.

The End

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