Coffee with Ben

“So, what have you been up to since we last...erm…spoke?”, Ben is looking up at you from his coffee cup, eyes searching your face. Sitting here with him you can’t help but be reminded of why you liked him in the first place. He’s not just good looking, he’s kind and caring but exciting as well. He’s no James, but then no one was.

“Nothing much, the usual really. Since uni broke up for summer I’ve pretty much been lazing around my apartment, seeing friends”, you smile at him and laugh at the sadness of your life.

“No holiday this year then?”

“Nope. I wish, I really could do with a holiday, something nice a relaxing”

“What, being with me isn‘t relaxing or nice?”, he pretends to be hurt and you can’t help but laugh. You take another sip of your coffee and sigh. It’s so easy being with Ben, it always has been. And he likes you, he loved you. So why couldn’t you feel the same? Why do you put yourself through all of the pain that comes with James? Why couldn’t things be simple? Because life isn’t simple, you answer your own question. Ben is looking at you with a questioning look, maybe you sighed a bit louder then you thought.

“You okay Autumn?”

“Yeah I’m fine, just thinking”, you give him your best reassuring smile and find that you’re reassuring yourself as well.

“About a holiday?”

“Yeah. It would be nice to have one is all”, you lie smoothly. You don’t want to bring up James, it’s a sore subject with Ben after everything that happened last month.

“Hey listen, my Dad’s got a house by the sea in Spain and I was thinking of heading out there next week seeing as he won't be using it. Why don’t you join me?”, your mouth drops open. He can’t be serious, can he?

“Are you serious?”, he’s laughing at your reaction.

“Yeah, I’d get lonely on my own. Feel free to invite a friend or two. I know you’d want James to come”, you wince at his name worried about how Ben must be feeling. But he’s still smiling and you relax a little.

“Ben I would love that, I really would. And so would James. But are you sure?”, you can’t help but feel awkward when you say James’s name.

“Yes I’m sure, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t want you guys to come”, he’s ginning at you and you’re suddenly filled with excitement.

“Thank you Ben, thank you so much”, you get up off your seat and give him a hug. It takes him a second before he hugs you back but you ignore that, “Listen? Do you mind if I go home and let James know? I’ve got to get my shopping home as well actually. I promise to ring you later so we can sort things out? Like plane times and that?”

“No that’s fine, go ahead. I’ll speak to later”, he smiles at you when you get up to leave. You’re so happy with him that you bend down and kiss him on the cheek before you turn around and walk away. Leaving a stunned but pleased looking Ben behind you.

The End

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