Stay out of the kitchen

“Food in the oven?”


“Table set?”


“Dressed?”, James is grinning at you, you pick a pillow up off the sofa and throw it at him, “Heyy!”

“James, I am really not that stupid not to remember to get dressed. Mum will be here any minute, could you please just behave. I know I’ve asked a lot of you tonight, but please, I don’t want to be nagged at by her forever. Okay?”

“Okayy, okayy, anything for you kitten”, you blush when he says this and avoid his eyes. You busy yourself by walking back into the kitchen and checking on the chicken. You can hear James humming to himself from the other room and so desperately want to lock the door. Ignore your Mum. Any make your way over to James so you can finish that kiss from your dreams. But you know he wouldn’t kiss you back, your Mum would yell at you and bring it up for years. And you would look stupid. So you push the thought out of your mind and continue to cut up the vegetables. However it is incredibly hard for you not to think about your dream last night and soon your mind is wandering back to the almost kiss.


“You okay kitten?”, James comes running in from the other room, worry written all over his face.

“Yeah I’m fine, wasn’t paying attention. Just cut my hand a little, it’s fine honestly”, you fumble around your cupboards trying to locate the plasters.

“Here you go”, he hands you the box of plasters, you pick out the largest one you can see and place on your cut. Trying hard not to wince as you tap it down, making sure its going to stay on, because you don’t want to make a big deal out of it.

“Maybe I should finish up in the kitchen, don’t want you losing an arm”, James chuckled to himself at his own joke, “Go and relax on the sofa for a bit, your mum will be here soon so you might as well enjoy the silence while you can”

You sigh, there’s no point in arguing because you know he’s right, so you walk through and slump yourself onto the sofa. You decide to watch the end of gossip girl, as you were so rudely interrupted by your mother this morning and haven’t had a chance to watch it since. Just as soon you pick up the remote there’s a knock on the door. You’re suddenly very nervous, praying that your mum will believe that James is your boyfriend. Though she will be able to see how you look at him, and hopefully that would be enough to convince her.

“Are you ready James? Brace yourself…”

You open the door and smile your biggest smile.

“Hello Mum, come on in”

The End

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