Not what he expected

James is just sitting down ready to dig into his cereal when there’s a loud knock on the door. Perfect timing, he thinks to himself, amused by his own sarcasm. He places the bowl on the table and turns the sound down on his radio. There’s another loud knock on his door and he walks a bit faster to open it. He’s not sure who he was expecting but he knows he wasn’t expecting a flushed and clearly worried Autumn. She pushed her self past him and walked, or ran, into his front room.

“Autumn? Are you okay?”, she’s not usually this energetic around him. He used to her being calm and rather shy, even after all these years.

“James, if I ask you to do something for me, will you do it?”

“Ermm, well that depends what it is…”

“No, that’s not what I asked. Just say you’ll do it for me, it’s not anything bad. I promise”, Autumn doesn’t usually ask him for things, so it must be important. He decides to agree, just to get her to tell him what’s up.

“Okay, sure, now will you tell me what it is?”

“Right…ermm…well…you know how my mums always nagging at me about finding someone?”

He nods, she’s spent many hours complaining to him about her mother.

“Well I just got fed up with her today and told her you were my boyfriend”

She’s waiting for his reaction before she continues. But James is silent waiting for her to carry on.

“And then she said she’d come down to meet you tonight for dinner. And I just was going to ask you to pretend to be my boyfriend for the night?”

Her eyes were begging him to say yes, and looking at them he suddenly had a flash back to his dream. No, he thought, she’s just a friend and I’ll prove it by pretending to be her boyfriend and not having any problem with it.

“Okay…but just for tonight Autumn. I don’t want this to become a regular occurrence okay?”

“Eee! Thank you James, I don‘t know what I would have said to my mum if you said no, you’re the best friend ever and I promise it’s just this once. You have to be at mine for 7”, she’s smiling as she runs up and gives him a hug. He smiles back at her, and like always she looks away.

“Hey why do you always do that--”, his curiosity got the best of him, but she was already down the hall. A couple of seconds later he hears the door shut and sighs. This was not how he was expecting his day to go.

The End

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