You’re sitting on your sofa with your breakfast catching up on last nights Gossip Girl. You’re so involved with the action on screen that when your phone rings you nearly end up throwing your eggs and bacon across the room. Pausing the T.V you pick up your phone, hoping that its James, only to be disappointed when you see your mothers name flashing on screen. Your body fills with dread, these conversations always ended up the same, with her nagging you about finding a ‘nice young man’ to settle down with. It’s not like you’re incredibly old and running out of time. But still you’re mother insists you find someone. Already regretting it you answer the phone

“Heya love, just checking up on my favourite daughter”

“Mum I’m your only daughter”, you sigh because you know what’s coming.

“So darling, have you got any news for me?”

“How’d do you mean Mum?”

“You know, how's you're life going...have you got a boyfriend yet?"

You don't reply and wait for her to continue. Because you know she's not done yet.

"Because you know you’re not getting any younger and I want grandchildren. And it doesn’t look like your brothers going to be having any of them soon, I feel sorry for who ever ends up with him. You might be my only chance at grandchildren and you can’t do that if you’re alone--”

“Mum! Slow down! Look I’m only 21, there’s plenty of time. But as a matter of fact I do have a boyfriend”, you don’t know why you said that. It just slipped out, but you want her off your back, so you don't take it back.

“Oh really? What’s his name? What’s he like? How long have you been together? Oh wait never mind, I’ll come down tonight and we can have dinner.”

She seemed incredibly happy at this and you don’t have the heart to tell her no. You also don’t want to have to admit that you lied. Your mum hated liars.

“His name is James, and yeah that’ll be nice. Lets say 7?”, there’s no backing out now.

“Yes darling, I shall see you then. Looking forward to it”

And with that she hangs up the phone and the reality of what you just said hits you. Oh crap. You grab your keys and your jacket and head out the door. You just hope it will be easy to convince James to play along.

The End

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