Confusing dreams,

James is sitting on Autumn’s sofa, looking through old photos. He’s come across some he hasn’t seen before, one that he can only describe as a wedding picture. He can clearly see Autumn is the bride but the groom is a blur. It feels familiar though, like déjà vu. He knows he has seen it before.

Just then Autumn walks through the door, looking beautiful. Her light brown hair flows just beyond her shoulders and her stunning hazel eyes shine as she smiles at him.

“Hey honey, how was your day?”

Honey? Why was he in her flat when she wasn’t in? Why are his clothes lying around? Huh? James is feeling confused, but he likes it. He’s not scared, he’s comfortable, he feels happy. He glances back at the wedding picture and realises the groom is no longer a blur. But him. A very happy looking him.

“Honey? Are you okay?”

“Sorry, yes I’m fine. Just feeling a bit under the weather”, he lies smoothly. Still wondering how he got here, with Autumn but enjoying every moment of it.

“Well let’s see if I can help”, Autumn makes her way over to the sofa and sits on his lap. Smiling at him she rests her head on his shoulder. She sighs, but a sigh of content. He never noticed how gorgeous she was before. She has a certain glow about her, and her smile. Wow, her smile. No words could describe what her smile was doing to him at the moment.

He looks down at her and instinctively leans his head in closer, he can hear her breathing, and it soothes him. Her lips are so close to his, and he’s no longer confused. He knows he is meant to be here. Smiling quickly before their lips tou--

--- Ring, ring, ring.

James’ phone pulls him out of his slumber and he fumbles around his bedside table so he can stop the noise. Picking up his phone he sees Autumns ‘Good morning’ text and his dream comes flooding back.

What on earth did it mean? Nothing, he tells himself, it was just a dream. Autumn was his best friend, and he didn’t see her like that. It would make things weird. And he just doesn’t feel that way. He just doesn’t.

Pushing the thoughts aside he gets out of bed and goes to make himself some breakfast.

The End

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