Sleeping to dream

You’re not really sure where you are, but you know you’re happy. There’s no concept of time, you’re living in the moment. Or doing what ever you’re meant to do in wherever you are. Not that you’re complaining, here you feel like anything is possible.

Smiling you wonder around looking for something familiar. Which is when you realise you’re not alone. You’re not scared, which is what you’d expect when confronted with someone that could be threatening. However you feel at peace, and are confident enough to make your way forward and introduce yourself to this stranger. It takes you a minute to get close enough to see the details of the strangers face, only it’s not a stranger, it’s James.

You should be nervous, your stomach should be doing flips and your heart should be racing, this is what normally happens when you see James. But here, where ever you are, you don’t feel any of that. You feel comfortable. You’re smiling at him, and he’s smiling back. His smile that makes your breath stop, but you feel fine about looking at it now. Your hands are reaching up, which normally would embarrass you, but not now.

Your fingers begin outlining his face, feeling their way though his hair, across his smile and tracing his eyes. Those beautiful eyes. His arms are around you now, pulling you closer. And you don’t care what this might do to you in the long run, because all you can focus on is the fact that he’s there. And you’re there. Together.

There is less then an inch between your faces and you know what’s going to happen. The excitement pulsing through your veins is almost unbearable. You’ve been waiting for this moment for so long and now looking into his eyes you are sure that it’s been worth all the pain and all those tears.

His face is leaning down, and he lifts yours up with his hands. Your lips are so close to his, you can feel him breathing. You lean closer, not wanting to wait anymore --

-- Beeeeep.

You awake to the sound of your alarm and curse at it for bringing you out of your dream. You hardly ever dream and wanted to stay in this one. Oh well, you think, it probably just would have made things harder around James. Though you wish you could have finished that kiss.

Sighing you get out of bed and send James your usual ‘Good Morning’ text before making your way to your kitchen to start on your morning fry up.

The End

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