When James closes his front door he reaches down and pulls out the photo of him and Autumn. The one from her birthday last year. He isn’t really sure why he took it, but it put a smile on his face so he wasn’t going to complain. He walks through to his bedroom and sticks the photo to the wall using blue tac. Realising he left his phone on his bed before he left for Autumns he picks it up and sees he has 5 missed calls. All from his date last night.

Jessica wasn’t really his date, she had just attached herself to him while he was there. And who was he to turn down a bit of fun? Which is what he had seen it as, a bit of fun. But looking at the 5 missed calls from her worried him that she might have seen it as something more. Oh god, he thought. He didn’t want a relationship, but he didn’t want to hurt her either. So he prepared himself and started listening to the messages.

“Hey James, just checking in as I hadn’t heard from you. I wanted to say I had fun last night and would love to do it again some time. So call me, it’s Jessica”

The other calls didn’t have messages after them. But the one was enough. Enough to make James feel horrible for last night. He hadn’t been looking for a relationship, he wasn’t sure why, but he just didn’t feel the need to be in one. He was happy with his life, with his friends. He didn’t feel the need to have anything else. Anyone else.

Checking his watch to see it was half 11 he decided it was too late to ring Jessica back. I’ll deal with it in the morning, he told himself. And went to clean his teeth before getting in bed.

Just before he drifted off his eyes found themselves looking at the picture of him and Autumn. Without having to think about it a smile spread across his face, and it stayed there until he was fast asleep.

The End

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