Everythings fine

James is standing in Autumn’s kitchen making himself a plate of chips. Autumn is still going through photos and has been for the past hour. James had noticed that a large percentage of the photos were of him and her but he thought nothing of it. He took the tray out of the oven and put the chips on the plate that was waiting on the side. He can hear Autumn laughing at being reminded of old memories and thinks its funny how someone can be amused for that long at something so simple as pictures. He preferred going out and making new memories, rather then looking at the old. Re-living the past was not the best way to go forward. But it made her happy, and he wasn’t going to stand in her way. What kind of best friend would that make him?

He makes his way into the living room and sits next to Autumn, she looks up and smiles at him. But like usual, she quickly turns away when he smiles back. He’s never understood that, he just accepted it as one of her weird but wonderful quirks.

“Chip?”, he asks her, realising she probably hasn’t eaten today.

“Nope, I’m good. Don’t really fancy food right now”, and she went back to looking at the photos. He notices her linger over one of them hugging, he smiles, but thinks nothing of it. He’s just happy to see her smiling after seeing her so upset last night. He’s glad she’s okay but isn’t sure what she told him was the actual reason for her leaving so early. If she didn’t want to tell him then he wasn’t going to push it, though he couldn’t help but think she did that a lot. Lying to him about why she was upset. She must have her reasons for it, but still he felt deflated at this thought. He told her everything. She knew him more then anyone else. Yet he felt he was missing bits of information from her. Stop being silly, he told himself and pushed the thoughts aside.

When he left that evening Autumn had returned to her usual happy self and seemed to have forgotten about last night. Though he still worried, but chose to ignore it. She told him she was planning on an early night and that everything was fine which he had taken as his cue to leave.

“Night love, sleep well”, and he left with the usual kiss on her cheek.

“Night James”, he heard her say as he made his way down the hall and began his way back home.

The End

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