The phone rings

He’s worried, he pretended not to see Autumn in tears last night. He knows she wouldn’t want him to make a big deal out of it. But now it’s gone 1 in the afternoon and he hasn’t heard from her. Not even the usual ‘Good Morning’ text she sends and she’s done that since the day they met. He has a right to be worried and is kicking himself for not going up to her last night and seeing what was wrong. She’s always been there for him when he’s been down and he feels horrible. She’s his best friend and he let her down.

He picks up his phone and rings her number for the 10th time that day. Still no answer. I’ll give it another hour and then I’m going round, he thinks to himself and decides to find a distraction.

Half an hours passed when his phone rings. He leaps up off his chair where he’s been mindlessly watching the T.V trying to take his mind off of Autumn. He runs to his room and picks up his mobile seeing that the caller is in fact not Autumn but his mother. Great.


“Hello darling, it’s your Mum. I’m just checking in, seeing how you’re doing that kind of thing”

“I know it’s you Mum, and I’m fine, you?”

“I’m good. Oh my I nearly forgot to tell you, do you remember Mary. Well of course you do…”

After listening to his mother ramble on about some woman called Mary who he supposedly knows but couldn’t care less about (she has a habit of doing things like that), he manages to hang up and automatically checks his phone for texts or missed calls from Autumn.There's no messages of any kind and he panics. That’s it, I’m going round, this is just not like her.

He grabs his coat and keys and makes his way out the door.

The End

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