Forever and Always.

It’s cold, but that’s not the reason you’re shaking. You’re shaking because of what you just saw. Tears are falling down your cheeks and you want to leave, but you can’t move, you can’t tear your eyes away from them. Even though it’s killing you, you continue to watch. Everyone else in the room is a blur though you’re pretty sure the majority of people are looking at you and the state you’re in. You don’t care. The only thing you care about is currently in the arms of another.


You’ve known James since the beginning of university. That was nearly 3 years ago. It was the first day and you were lost, very lost, when he came round the corner. He was perfectly at ease in the new environment, as oppose to you who was a nervous wreck.


He was standing above you with a huge grin on his face, one that made it hard for you to concentrate. All common sense had gone out your brain and you forgot how to speak. His eyes were a beautiful deep green and you were completely mesmerised by them. His dark brown hair flopped perfectly across his forehead, and even though he looked like he had just got out of bed, he was breath taking. While taking all of this in you had forgotten to respond to his question, suddenly feeling stupid you made an attempt to speak.


What the hell was that? It didn’t sound anything like “Yes I am actually, would you mind helping me?”. You looked down and then back up again and he still had that insanely gorgeous grin on his face.

“I’m James, come on I’ll show you around. Lessons don’t start for another couple of days and it’ll be good for you to know how to get to them”, he winked and you nearly pass out.

“I’m Autumn”, you managed to say this and felt rather proud of yourself.

“Nice to meet you Autumn, come on then, I can’t show you around if you don’t move”

You followed him, like a dog would follow his owner, with complete adoration.


Ever since then you had been hopelessly in love with him. Someone who had only ever seen you as a good friend. And standing there, watching him with his arm round someone else and his eyes never leaving her face, was killing you. So you wipe the tears from your face and make your way out of the party praying that James hadn’t seen any of that.

The End

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