The evening sun casted a golden flare upon the sand
    I walk to you
    You hold me in your arms
    Gazing on the rolling tide
    Your eyes shining like the illuminated seas
    Gazing in your summery face
    So full of passion
    So full of love
    The wind whirls around us
    Carry the sand in a cascading dance
    As if flying with the wind
    We float above the sand

    Now a golden aura
    The vibrant sea
    A tropical dream land
     We have created
    This dream land
    All our own

    Now together
    No souls among us
    Wrapping my arms around you
    Saying the words of forever
    Hugging you tighter I feel your heart beat
    Our eyes meet you say your words of forever

    Bound together with our hearts united in one
    You hold my hand as we stroll the sea shore
    As the sun sets
    We have shared this moment
     Forever on

The tide grows slow

Your warmth glows

Upon this starry night

The moon illuminated just right

A shooting star fires

Across the pallet of the night  sky


We see a meteor show igniting

The stars are shining

Their endless luminous path

Lighting up the way of our lives

Guiding us to the path

The way of


The End

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