A young girl is reduced to terror by her vampire lover. Can he find her before the hunters do?


Rain poured down flooding the empty streets. Children stared longingly outside waiting for the rain to pass. A dark figure limped down the street shielded from sight by the sheets of water. Long, light hair cascaded down her back and her navy blue shirt stuck to her skin. She stared at the ground her eyes puffy and red and tears blended with the rain running down her face.

“Wait! Baby I wasn’t going to…! PLEASE! D-don’t leave…” His last whispered words echoed through her head. She had run out after witnessing what he had done. She closed her eyes and blood stained her vision behind her eye lids. She fought against gagging but the scene played out in her mind over and over again…That last broken scream as blood poured from the dying guys throat, her love bent over him sounds of pleasure emitting from deep in his chest, the last traces of blood dripping down from his mouth as her looked up and looked her in the eyes…The growl that tore from his throat as he lunged for her completely lost to his blood-lust…That was when she ran from him…She finally collapsed and began to sob into her hands brokenly.

“I-I trus-trusted him…He P-PROMISED that he’d, t-that he’d never drink like that…” She cried to herself. “T-that he was in control.” she whimpered curling even further into herself.

Footsteps echoed mutedly in the empty street. She shot her head up fear coursing through her veins. Panicking at the sight of a dark silhouette sauntering towards her, she scrambled back behind a bush. Peering through the wet green leaves she watched warily as the person came closer.

She collapsed further into the bush as he walked by. Fresh tears ran down her face as the terror subsided and she began shaking from the cold. Slowly fatigue settled in and hit her and her storm gray eyes drooped closed.

“Well, well, well, look what we have here!” The tired girl’s eyes shot open, “The intended of a vampire! What a find.” Her head whipped around to lock eyes with someone she knows to be a hunter. She scampered out of the bush and ran into a second set of legs. The man smirked down at her and cold terror struck her.

“Even better you’re without your undead lover!” Sadistic glee laced his words, “Shouldn’t he be out here protecting you from hunters like us, especially so soon after causing us to lose one of our own?” The last part was muttered darkly and the blonde’s trembling worsened.

“He’s not my lover! I-I never let him…” She whispered painfully, more tears springing to her eyes.

“Aw, wouldn’t you know it damn vamp never showed her how a real man loves” The man behind her mocked as he lifted her up and pulling her cold body against his own hard one.

“What should we do about that man? Maybe we could show her?” Lust-filled eyes stared into hers and she shivered in disgust.

“What do you think honey? Want to know how a real man loves his girl?” His sickening voice whispered into her ear sending shudders through her body. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth and a cry of disgust tore out of her mouth.

“Hey man I think she wants it” The hunter in front of her moved closer running his hands up her body. His hand gripped her pants and a terrified scream was wrenched from her throat.

A snarl sounded from behind a sheet of rain, “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing to MY soul?” A figure stepped into sight, blood dripping down the man’s face and white fangs glistening from pulled back lips.

The hunter with his hands tightly gripping her wait growled, “You haven’t marked her yet, she’s still fair game, to humans and vamp alike.”

“You sick fuck, she is MINE! Didn’t you learn anything from the mistake of your sorry ass comrade with the nasty blood?” Poison dripped from his words as he stepped closer to the trio.

With renewed strength the young girl began struggling to break free of the man’s grasp, taking the advantage that arrival of her vampire intended provided. She wrenched out of one arms grasp but the man realized what she was doing and tightened the grip of his other arm. She reached out to the furious vampire desperation in her eyes.

“Babe, I’m going to need you to close your eyes ‘kay? I don’t want you to see this and don’t open them for whatever reason.” He commanded not trying to reach for her but staring down the vampire hunter with a cold fury in his eyes.

The hunter’s eyes widened when at what he saw. For a brief moment as the girl’s and the vampire’s eyes locked he saw a soul reflecting out of the glassy surface of the undead man’s eyes, a true soul. He locked eyes with the other man again and saw nothing but cold fury. Fear began coursing through his veins as he realized what danger his fellow hunters and he was really in.

The dark haired vampire stepped closer, seeming to not be worried about his intended, but the girl knew better. She could see the anger and pain seeing her like this put him in, she could see that the man holding her was getting a death sentence, whether it be a wish or a nightmare.

“Babe, I told you to close your eyes!” He wasn’t yelling but his voice carried through the air and rang with a commanding power. She clenched her eyes as tightly shut as possible and waited for the go ahead to open her eyes.

“Alright I’m going to make this simple and quick. You all are going to die and YOU,” He pointed to the hunter with his hand halfway down the poor girl’s pants and clenching her arm, “Are going to suffer a fate worse than death. Are we clear?” His tone belied his seemingly calm demeanor.

“B-but there’s three of us an-and only one of you how are you going to do that? We’ve trained for this since birth! There’s no way you could take all of us!” What looked to be the youngest, stammered and babbled, panic taking over his expression with every passing word. For with every word the vampires grin grew wider.

“That’s a secret. I can’t tell you…but I’ll be glad to show you!” The man who wasn’t holding the terrified girl and hasn’t spoken yet stepped forward.

“Bring it blood sucker!” Cockiness in his words he smirked at the vampire.

Without a second’s hesitation he lunged for the arrogant boy, snarling. The boy was flat on his back in shock. Grinning at his obvious terror the creature of the dark bent down and tore the throat out of the boy. The last sight he saw was red eyes and a grin.

The vampire greedily sucked at the flowing blood until it stopped. He slowly stood and turned to look at the other two, who were staring in horror at their fallen comrade’s bloodless body.

Licking his lips he smirked, his hunger was only intensified, thirsting for revenge. He spent all his energy worrying and searching for his soul and intended, he needed to feed again. He looked to the other to and smiled, “So who’s next?” The younger boy attempted to run, terrified beyond all reason.

The man smirked and took off after him. He appeared in front of him and smiled viciously before jumping on him too. He sunk his teeth into the pliant flesh and tore through the vein. He glanced over to make sure his love was keeping her eyes closed before beginning to feed again. He groaned pleasurably as the blood coursed through his veins bringing him strength and in disgust as the blood left a sour taste everywhere it touched as he gulped it down. He stood once more and turned to his final victim.

“I am going to have fun with you…” He grinned and sauntered towards the shaking hunter.

“St-stay back! O-or I’ll, I’ll kill her! I’ll slit her throat and throw her before your feet!” He threatened the vampire. The undead man dropped his grin at the threat and snarled.

“You won’t have the chance…” He sneered and disappeared. The hunter looked around wildly, panic and fear pumping through his veins.

He gasped as the girl was wrenched from his grasp and he was shoved to the ground. He looked up and saw the face of the once calm vampire. Uncontrolled fury twisted his face and he leaned down an inch from the hunter’s face. Looking into the eyes of the furious creature he realized with a sudden clarity what his intentions were, he was helpless to stop this once man from treating him to a fate far worse than death.

A scream tore from his body as he felt his throat punctured. He withered on the ground, pain coursing through his veins from that point where the fangs were embedded into his flesh. He sighed in relief as the fangs were pulled from his neck. He felt the vampire pull back off of him, and began to panic as it lunged back in but seeking out his mouth. He went to scream and blood poured into his mouth, it began to trickle down his throat and terror struck him.

Once all the blood was transferred into the hunter’s mouth the man pulled back and covered his mouth.

“Drink up!” Cheerfully he smiled and held the hunter down to the ground until all the blood was down the hunter’s throat. He got up and walked over to the girl who was sitting on the grass covering her head with her arms.

“Babe? It’s safe sweetie…” Despair ran through him as he remembered that she was scared of him. “If you want I-I’ll walk you home so…you know they don’t attack you again…” He glanced down at the ground sadly.

“W-what do you mean? You don’t want me around anymore do you…?” Tears welled in her eyes. His head shot up in shock.

“No, no not at all love…I just didn’t think you’d want to stay around a monster like me…” He looked away from her remembering what he had just done. “I’m sorry I brought you into this…”

“No! I want you around…I…” She trailed off as he pulled her into his arms. She laid her head against his solid chest fitting perfectly in his arms. Silent tears ran down her cheeks. “I can’t stay away from you…no matter what you’ve done…even if you promised…” He gently grabbed her head and tilted it up to look into his eyes.

“Sweetheart, listen to me I know what you saw scared you but let me explain. That man you saw me drinking from was a hunter. He was after you and I couldn’t allow him to possibly escape or come back and get you…I love you too much my soul, and draining him was the only sure way to make sure I don’t lose you to him. Didn’t help that he pissed me off, was a hunter and I was hungry.” He smiled slightly at her hoping for her to understand.

The young girl was confused, “But, why did you lunge at me the way you did?” His eyes widened at what she was implying.

The vampire clutched her to him and whispered in her ear, “I was just finished with him, but his last words were that even if I killed him there were others, part of his group, who would get you anyways. When you walked in I was so relieved that you were alright, I wasn’t going to bite you I promise. I just wanted to feel you in my arms, convince myself that you were real and not hurt at all…” He trailed off for a second and continued, “But I seemed to have failed that, you were attacked anyways…I…I couldn’t protect you…” He bowed his head knowing he can’t cry but feeling like he was going to.

A finger pushed up on his chin and he looked into the beautiful gray eyes of his soul, “I’m sorry…I love you too I just freaked when I saw you bent over that body…I should have known that you wouldn’t drain me. I’ve seen you after you’ve fed and even if you didn’t kill you still had that look of blood lust in your eyes.” She hugged him and the vampire’s arms tightened around her petite form. He breathed in through his nose, taking in her scent. She pressed her mouth against his neck and kissed lightly.

Gasping he held her even closer but the dark creature kept his head up away from her neck. Even as she nuzzled against him he grit his teeth, staying content with just holding her.

“I want you to mark me.” Even with his enhanced senses he barely heard it but gasped when he realized what she said. He pushed himself away from her and held her by the shoulders.

“A-are you sure? You can’t change your mind after it’s done and…It’s going to hurt.” He whispered as if it was forbidden to even think about.

Her voice was stronger when she spoke next, “I know. I want you to mark me. I want to be yours and no one else’s…I don’t want to be separated from you again.” Her voice grew more and, more sure of herself as she continued.

“Sweetheart…This…you’re serious?” He questioned not entirely believing it. She stared him into the eye and nodded. He saw no fear, no nerves, only love and devotion. He hugged her again and buried his head into her neck and let instinct take over. She clutched to him biting her lip in an attempt not to scream. He pulled back and kissed the spot he just sank his fangs into trying to soothe the pain. A few tears ran down her cheeks as she relaxed into his embrace.

“The pain will go away…it’ll be a few hours though love, are you okay?” Red eyes held concern and she smiled against the burning pain that filled her body.

“Yeah I’m okay…now we’ll be forever right?” The vampire smiled a full smile her blood dripping from a fang.

“Yes love, forever.”

The End

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