Horns: Part 2: The Voice

Today Hillian stared at the forest just a little bit longer. She didn’t understand why everyone else thought the forest was some weird color. It wasn’t like it was any shades darker or lighter than a regular forest to the point where it was unrecognizable. Hillian shook her head confused. She turned around to head home when she heard a small voice whisper her name. Hillian. Where are you? Hillian whipped around. There was no one there. Hillian. Why can’t I find you? The voice continued to whisper. Hillian looked around confused. Come in the forest Hillian! We can play hide and seek! But why can’t I find you? Hillian turned to stare at the forest. The voice was definitely coming from there. Hillian! Don’t you want to come play with me? I thought you like hide and seek! The voice was pushing her. Hillian was curious and so she stepped into the forest to find the voice. That was a mistake.

The End

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