Horns: Part 1: The Flashback

She liked to wear hats, yet she hated hats, but she loved to wear them. She hated how they would cover her scalp and mess up her hair. But without hats, she probably would have been condemned as the devil by everyone. Yup. That’s right. Hillian had horns. She had long gnarled black horns that grew out of her head like two little daunting spikes waiting just to kill someone. They were beautiful horns, if she just had been a goat instead. Every time she stared at herself in the mirror, she would see her horns sticking out, laughing at her, teasing her sardonically. She absolutely despised them.
Hillian had to wear hats everyday to school and they had to be top hats. Everyone stared and laughed at her. She ignored them every day, accepting that fact that if she wasn’t wearing her hats, she wouldn’t have any friends at all as opposed to the one of two that she did have.
One glittering summer afternoon, after a long hot day of classes, Hillian walked through the village to get home. On her way home, she would always pass a forest that just always seemed to sit there silently. She would always stop to stared at it for a little bit. No one wanted to get near it. Everyone said it was dangerous. Last time she had past the forest with her friends, it had not ended well. She shuddered and walked away. She remembered the conversation very well.
It had been a cold autumn day. It was that time where it was cold enough outside for everything to shiver but not cold enough for the leaves die and fall off. Hillian had been walking with her friends to her house when they passed the forest.
“Why do people feel so afraid of that forest?” She asked them. They all looked at her like she had just asked the most stupidest question ever.
“Are you kidding? You don’t feel completely nauseous every time you stare at it from the color?”
“The color?” Hillian was confused. The forest had always been green to her. Was green not the normal color for a forest?
“Yeah. Don’t you see how it’s such a heart wrenching color that could drive anyone insane?”
“No!” They all looked at her like she was crazy. “That forest is not green!” And that was the end of that. But since then, the forest had always been a sore topic to talk about.

The End

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