Toadstool: Part 4: Revealed

She seemed to have a mesmerizing power of some sort and drew me in and before I knew it, I was being dragged out the toadstool ring and into the big crowd of faeries. The crowds of more demonic looking elves crowded around me staring at me with hunger in their eyes. Her fingers dug into my wrist and cut them. Blood trickled down my arm and dripped onto the ground. The ground hiss in delight as it devoured each drip of blood. I looked at the the ground with horror. Eventually I was dragged to a clearing where there seemed to be a large altar like piece of stone. A shadow of someone was sitting in a large chair next to it, being tended by many servants, some faeries but most humans. I shuddered. The “little girl” barged through the crowd and stopped in front of the shadow.

“I brought someone. Now set me free!” she demanded a the shadow. The shadow looked at me and laughed. It was the most harmonious sound I had ever heard. It was as clear as a crystal bell but as rich as a choir. It rang through the crowd like music and was such a pleasant sound, my mind urged for more.

“Do you really think that revenge will taste sweet my dear?” It asked.

Revenge? I was confused. For who?

“I don’t care!” The girl hissed. “She was the one who forced me to go here. She left me here to suffer pain for her!”

“Me?” I asked confused. I’ve never met this girl before she lost her teddy bear, how could I have done that?

“Ahh.... Right... She doesn’t remember yet....” The shadow sighed. It raised it’s arm and sent a flying spark floating towards me. I watched as it landed on my forehead. Suddenly it popped and some subconscious part of my mind was dug out from the deep depths of wasted memories and everything came to together. That girl was my daughter that I had abandoned in this exact forest to get out myself.

“You... Myla... My daughter...” I whispered and the girl perked up at the name.

“Don’t call me that you selfish women! I remember that day very well! The day you took me into the forest. We followed the wisps and were in pitch darkness. Then we found the toadstool ring and saw the faeries. They saw us too and they wanted a sacrifice, an exchange for someone’s beauty. You, finding me always as a nuisance, showed no motherly love and pushed me out of the ring so that you could go home safely! Oh! I remember all the pain I went through as they turned me into this hideous thing! Oh! I will get revenge!” Her face contorted into passionate hatred as she spoke with an air of indignance.

Of course I remember now why I had pushed her out. She was a child borne from a rape. I never wanted her in the first place. She was wild and crazy and untamable and had always reminded me of bad memories. We entered the forest out of curiosity and the faeries promised to erase the memories if I pushed her out. It was a win win situation. So I pushed her.

“I didn’t want you anyways.” I retorted back. “You were never supposed to exist  in the first place. I only kept you because I pitied you.”

“Pity? Do you see this women? Pity? I didn’t even know she knew the word! Pity!” She spat out the word, disgusted by its taste. “If you pitied me then you shouldn’t have let me live in this terrible world in the first place.”

The poor girl was so consumed in rage she stomped around the big stone slab trying to calm herself. The shadow watched her silently. It finally spoke up again.

“Are you sure you want to leave us?” It asked Myla. The girl looked up savagely.

“I want my face back. I want revenge. I want to get out of this hellhole of a place. I am sick of this world!”

“Very well. Your request has been granted since all of the requirements have been fulfilled.” It sighed tiredly. “I hope you understand the consequences of your actions.”

“I understand them plenty well! I don’t care if I don’t keep any memories. I just want this stupid demon out of my body! Just let me go!”

“Alright. You are dismissed.” The shadow beckoned Myla to leave. The faeries separated as the angry teenager plowed through the crowd and left the forest in a mad frenzy. Everyone turned to watch her receding figure until it disappeared from view. When everyone turned back, they all focused on me. I stood there awkwardly before a suddenly pain hit me and I doubled over gasping for air. The evil magic worked on me and morphed me into the hideous creature of hatred my daughter had once been. I was stuck in this form unless I found someone to pass this on to. Yet I could not lure anyone. So there I was, stuck there in everlasting rage, hatred and anger, driving me insane and delirious.At least my daughter got to live a life. Maybe.

The End

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