Toadstool: Part 3: The Faerie Ring

It was a long time before our eyes finally adjusted to the dimness of the forest and we could finally but barely make out the fuzzy outlines of the trees before us. The forest no longer seemed so still. The trees were constantly moving, shaking back and forth in a crazy but mesmerizing rhythm that made your feel like you just had a heart attack if you stared at them for too long. There were shadows of animals of some sort flashing by and unknown objects constantly falling on the ground. But even with all this movement the forest was silent, dead silent. We stood there quietly, trying to blend in with the surroundings as we watched the active forest spin around us. I closed my eyes feeling nauseous and dizzy. I felt that the darkness seemed much better than this.

It was a long time of silence and we stood there sore and tired. We didn’t even want to sit down, afraid there would be a trap that would ensnare us if we had tried. After a while, I finally mustered enough courage to take a step sideways. I felt stiff and moving my leg was almost painful. I barely took a small step when I felt a mushroom. I bent down to examine it closer in the little light there was. It was a ring of mushrooms. I had heard that rings of mushrooms were protection charms. If we could get in there, then we would at least be safe enough to sit down. I bent down and whispered to the little girl.

“There’s a ring of mushroom’s over there. Do you want to come?” I felt the little girl nod excitedly, too afraid to talk in the silence of the forest. We shifted over a little at a time, and truthfully, we were both feeling like cowards, but there was nothing we could do about it. Moving over was tedious even though it was not more than a few steps aways. I closed our eyes as we moved so that I wouldn’t get dizzy from seeing the forest and I didn’t open them until I had sat down in the toadstool ring. I finally opened my eyes again and was shocked at the sudden light. The whole place had transformed into a bright party filled with fearies. They were dancing along to the dissonant rhythm of the trees and were constantly throwing things on the ground. I looked down and we were in the glowing toadstool ring. No one was looking at us so we were protected. At least we should have been. The little girl had her eyes open and stared at the place with amazement. She was looking around when she saw the glimpse of something.

“My teddy bear!” She gasped and ran out of the ring towards a big crowd. I tried to stop her but it was too late, she stepped out of the ring and dragged me with her. Immediately, everyone stopped to look at us. I stood there awkwardly, half in half out of the toadstool ring. the Little girl was still pulling on me.

“Come on! We need to get to my teddy bear!”

“Everyone’s looking at you. They’re going to catch you.”

The little girl continued to yank at me. She started to pull harder and harder, much too hard for a little girl of 5. I refused. I yanked back suddenly and she flew forward revealing a much more demonic face. Her little girl innocence was completely gone. Her eyes were pushed up at a harsh angle and her mismatching eyes seemed to glow more intensely. Her stringy hair grew out longer as she grew taller. Her ears pointed out and her clothes slowly peeled into leaves.

“You are going to get my teddy bear!” She growled as she clawed as my arms with her now long and sharp fingernails.

She clawed and scratched at me. I couldn't get free, she wouldn't let go. We were stuck in this stalemate.

The End

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