Toadstool: Part 1: The Forest and the girl

A demonic forest located just outside a village causes many big problems that eventually leaves the village bland desolate and scared out of their minds. But now something is rising in the forest. Will the villagers be able to gather enough strength to defeat it?

Two years ago after moving to this new village, I saw this forest. It was the most peculiar forest I’ve ever seen. The forest itself was always one uniform color, yet no actual name could be appointed to that color. It was a peculiar and sometimes even heart-wrenching color itself. Every time you looked at it, it would start out seeming like a soft beige, but the more you stare at it, the more it actually seemed like an olive green. Yet it was also red somehow, and people would argue that it was a purple too. Some said there were tinges of orange and yellow, possibly even some blue, but the entire forest was only one color. Only one single, uniform color.

There was a trail that lead into the forest. No one ever walked on it. At least no one was ever seen walking on it. They said that the forest was cursed, that deep down in the forest lived human kidnapping fearies. They said that at night, if anyone got too close to the forest, that fearies would come out and kidnap them. Of course, these were only myths, and during the day, other than its peculiar color, the forest seemed fine.

The trail that lead into the forest was a beautiful wide open path. There were soft ferns that grew on either side and even some flowers rare for this time of year, but not a single thing covered any of the ground that belonged to the trail. The trail itself was made of soft springy earth, not too hard like an over-walked trail, but not too mushy either. It was the perfect combination of springy softness and compact ground. It was a shame that such a trail was being put to waste.

A few days ago, when I was passing the forest to get home, I saw a little girl that was standing at the edge of the forest peering into it. I walked over to see what she was looking at. The little girl heard me and turned around with a start. Oh, she was the most peculiar girl I’ve ever seen! She had extremely mismatching eyes. One was opened large and was an icy blue, yet the other one was squinted into a thin slit and burned a fiery reddish brown. She had pale thin lips and a small nose. Her hair was put into a messy bundle and looked much too stringy. She was extremely skinny and her skin was so pale, it seemed to reflect the sunlight and glowed like the moon. She stared at me. I stared back. Her eyes were like little black holes. The big blue one sent shivers down your spine and made you feel like you just walked through the arctic completely naked. The small reddish brown one made you feel like you were burning in a volcano. I looked away quickly.

“What are you looking at?” I asked her. She turned and looked down the trail.

“I think my teddy bear ran away.” How strange of a voice she had! It seemed like a high pitched squeak, yet it was at the same time also a low bass tone.

“Your teddy bear ran away?”

“Un-hun. I think he went that way.” She said pointing in the direction of the trail.

“Why don’t you go after it?” I suggested. The girl shook her head almost in fright.

“My mommy says I can’t go in there. She says that if I go in, then I won’t be able to come out again. I don’t want to lose my mommy and my teddy bear.” A small tear rolled down her cheek. I wanted to go over and hug her, but her eyes were just too intimidating. I turned her around and walked her away from the forest.

“Maybe your teddy bear might find a way out.” I tried comforting her as I walked her back to the village.

That night, I went back to the forest. There was something about that drew me to it. I walked outside bundled tight in a heavy sweater. It was only early spring and even though the leaves were out already, the nights were still very cold. I hustled over to the forest and arrived there just to see the little girl standing there again. She looked even more skinner in the bright moonlight of the full moon and she seemed to glow even more. I walked over to her.

“What calls you out here tonight?” I asked her. She looked up at me with sadly, her eyes even more burning than before. My heart lurched a little as she looked at me. Oh! How familiar that stare seemed to be! But I could not figure out why she seemed so familiar.

“I just couldn’t sleep without him.” She whispered as she averted her gaze back onto the path, “I thought maybe if I waited here, he might back out again.”

I felt bad for her and decided to sit and wait with her. If she fell asleep, I could carry her back to my house so she wouldn’t catch a cold. So we waited there. The little girl was amazingly determined to stay awake and we stood there for hours. She stared at the path and jumped at any sounds of movement. But her teddy bear did not come back. The little girl started to get tired and her head started to droop. Eventually she slumped down on the ground, snoring silently.

I carried her to my home where she slept soundly. She smiled in her sleep as she held my arm, thinking that it was her teddy bear. There. Problem solved. At least for now.

The End

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