Forest of Fears

Please can someone help me with this it's due tomorrow!
It's a short story and I know it's not much but just help me make it better?
Thanks to everyone who might help :)

Two friends go into a forest and find themselves at a haunted house. A storm hits and they go inside the house for shelter. The storm passes and they go home.

 Kimmy stepped out of her front door and pulled it shut behind her. She wandered down the street towards Timmy’s house in the mid afternoon sun. Kimmy was adventurous. She was outgoing, curious and had no doubts. Timmy on the other hand was shy. He wouldn’t like trying new things. But their differences made them stronger, helping each other out with their weaknesses. They had been best friends all their lives. Kimmy wanted to go on an adventure and pretend she was a detective. She reached Timmy’s house and he came running to the door excitedly. She asked him to join her on this adventure and of course he said yes. They set of down the road with magnifying glasses in hand and beaming smiles across their faces.
            A short walk down the street brings them to the edge of a forest. Kimmy turned and looked at Timmy who was anxious. She held out her hand and he took hold of it. They hurried down the path, hand in hand under the darkness of the trees. After a while they felt comfortable in the forest. On the ground lay an indented trail of marks from a big pair of boots, just another case for the two detectives. They followed the footsteps until Timmy heard someone etching their way through the fallen leaves. He squeezed Kimmy’s hand, she did the same back. They went back to following the footsteps which went for miles as night fell, until they reached a haunted house. Timmy’s heart rate jumped, like the flapping wings of a caged bird. The house was full of mysteries, misfortunes. Dark shadows lurking in the still air along with the faint smell of death hanging in the chilling darkness of the night. Whispers of the long
dead children echoed with the sound of footsteps that were coming from nowhere. A crack of thunder and it started to pour with rain. The two of them didn’t know what to do. Timmy was set on heading home before anything bad happened. Kimmy said that it would be best to take shelter in the house until the storm passes.  Of course Kimmy got her way and they walked up the front steps. She knocked on the door but there was no reply. She slowly pushed to door open to reveal what was really inside. Old furniture that was rotting away, cobwebs draping from one blood stained wall to another, rusty pots and pans, damp paper scattered over the squeaky floorboards and a spiral staircase that looked like it never ended. She gave the all clear and Timmy entered the house feeling sick. He grabbed onto Kimmy’s hand while shaking for dear life. They headed up the winding staircase until finally they reached the top. It was all enclosed, there was just one door. She twisted the door knob and slowly pushed it open not knowing what was behind it.
            A bed neatly made with a pink quilt and pillow with a well loved teddy bear sitting on top. The bed wasn’t dusty nor was it old like the rest of the things in the house. What if this girl was in the house? What if she needed help? Kimmy yelled out ‘anybody home?’ but there was nothing in return. Timmy stared out a window into the night sky, the storm stopped and he smiled, relieved that they could finally head home.
            The two of them head back down the staircase and out of the haunted house. It was still dark and the moonlight guided them home, where they belong. They spotted sight of a street lamp and they both raced up the road until they reached Timmy’s house. They rang the doorbell knowing that they were both going to be in big trouble. They said goodbye and smiled, knowing that they would be best friends forever.

The End

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