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Matt goes to work at a post office and it starts to snow heavily.Miranda goes off to find him and she gets lost.
One day Miranda wakes up to find everyone is sick and is about to die.She goes to a nurse and she tells them that everyone is dead it's part of the flu.

The men are the only ones doing the work and this is like the 1930s-1980s where women were just to stay at home and cook/clean.Most men in the book have jobs and the girls are at home.Men can go anywhere they want a girls can’t they only go so far.The girls healed everybody and the guys just had to sit around the house and have fun.The book has men as the stronger gender.

The start of the book everyone was fine and acting ok.When the big news came people were acting funny.When the moon was hit people went crazy and hurt other people.Later food and water ran out and people died making it worse.Now everyone is dead and the world is gone

The End

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