Clancy could be any creature; living in or close by to a large forest with hidden glens, gullys, glades and gardens. He can be mature or childlike.. Let see where it goes..

     “What a wonderful day.” Clancy thought to himself as he went down a gully; picking up speed on the downhill, allowing him to quickly run up the other side.  

On top now, he walked along a long forgotten barbed-wire fence row and looked up from time to time at the clouds. He was oblivious to anything other than his singular place in the universe. In his own way he conversed with God on these mid-afternoon outings.

Oak trees stood silent and yet so alive this time of year; their craggy trunks grey against the azure blue sky. The forest was truly alive again; after having been dormant all through the long winter. There were splashes of color everywhere. The earthy smell and healthy dark green of the place was deeply moving in some primeval way.  It bore tunnels into Clancy’s psyche as he walked along, nearly skipping with joy at the thought of spring.

Briar bushes with their purple thorny braches were filled with buds that Clancy knew would become blackberries in the coming months. Dandelions filled some of the rises he walked over; their blazing yellow color was beautiful, and even though some people believe they're merely weeds - good for nothing; Clancy knew all these things played a role in the larger scheme of things;  the scheme of things he played a role in as well.

Birds flitted this way with their own cares. From time to time, Clancy would hear sounds he hadn't heard in a almost a year of winter’s hibernation. This was his place; his forest and he was glad to be a part of it.

Pausing for a bit to lay on the ground in a small glen, he noticed Morel mushrooms growing at the base of a tree.  “I’ll pick those up on the way home. They’ll make a perfect addition to our dinner tonight,” he said lazily to no one in particular as he watched bright clouds drift past; slowly making their way to who knows where.

Clancy drifted in and out of dreaming, cool spring breezes blowing against his ruddy cheeks; and as time went lazily by, he started to notice a sound…  Water running.

The hillside he was on was up higher than the small creek that ran through this part of the forest. He knew that sound and this was not it. This was a deeper sound, like water falling into a pond.

He’d been in this part of the forest only a couple of times before. This is the first time he’d noticed this sound. He started to get excited at the thought of some new adventure just around the next bend. Whatever the sound was, it was up the hill and over the barbed wire fence.

Listening intently, Clancy tried to be as quiet as possible walking to the crest of the hill. Finally on top, he crouched to listen and barely audible was the tantalizing sound of a pond. Just over the fence, the forest grew dark. It was thick here and sunlight barely filtered through the canopy above.

Picking a fence post he felt could hold his weight and where the wire was firmly attached; Clancy carefully climbed over, being careful not to jab himself on the rusty metal thorns adorning the length of the wire.

Jumping from fence to ground, he walked about a hundred yards further along the crest of the hill. He went down a hill and then up another. On top of that one he saw before him a cool deep pond. On the other end of the pond were small trees laid across it. Squatting down, he slowly took in the scene. There were tree stumps sticking up here and there; each coming to a chewed point.. “Oh! Beavers must live here,” he thought.

The pond was hidden from site. Unless you knew it was here and walked directly to it, one would likely miss it entirely. It was dark and cool with shafts of sunlight coming through some of the trees; providing light on only a quarter of the pond.  At once Clancy felt that this was a very special place”…..

The End

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