French as a Second Language

Known as "a Romantic Language", which loosely translates as "a Roman Language", French is a language that derives from spoken Latin of the Holy Roman Empire.  Romance comes from Vulgar Latin as a descendent of the word Romanicus which used in the expression romanice loqui means "To speak in Roman."  The development of the language was also influenced by the Celtic Language of Roman Gaul and by the Germanic language of the post-Roman Frankish invaders.  Generally all languages that are not the first language, native tongue, or mother tongue, are known as a Foreign Language.  Though rare, they can be considered a Second Language when the speaker gains native-like control.

Chapter Three

    Daphne bounds through the door of her French Grammar and Vocabulary Class, and walks to the front of the room, setting her breakfast on the first desk on the far left side of the room next to the window.  She lifts her satchel over her head and lays it beside her chair.  Sitting down, she breathes a sigh of relief and grabs the parfait, removes the lid and buries the spoon into the granola layer.  Monsieur McGuinness looks up from his desk and stands, scanning the room he smiles to each student.  Daphne can hear some of the girls behind her sighing and chirping to one another about how he "just looked at them" and smirks to herself.  He always looks at each of the girls before beginning class, because he knows which girls belong in which class, and that's how he takes roll without having to take up time and calling each girl's name out.  Daphne pulls her notebook out of the bag and places her banana inside of it, knowing she will have to eat it before lunch or she'll never hear the end of it from Greta during lunch.  She smiles to herself, thinking how blessed her life is to have such a friend in Greta.

     Monsieur McGuinness begins the class by greeting the girls aloud in french.  "Bonjour. Quelqu'un at-il problèmes avec aux devoirs la nuit dernière?"  A few shifting sounds follow the glances of the other girls.  Daphne smirks.  He pauses for a few more seconds, then turns towards the board to begin the lecture.  Daphne dives into the parfait and listens to the lesson, allowing the mornings events to fade from her thoughts, enrapture with the constant tick tick slide of the chalk against board.

The End

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