Breaking the Fast

The general idea of breakfast usually involved a light meal that was taken by children and the infirm in the morning after a six to nine hour rest.  Those of the laboring classes were known to take breakfast before a long day of working, despite criticism.  This was a practice that was largely frowned upon in polite society during Medieval Europe, but supposedly by the 15th Century even the nobility began to ignore the rules and take a breaking of the fast.

Chapter Two

    Feeling a bit at odds, Daphne, in order to avoid anymore possible static before classes, had skipped breakfast, and on her way over the cobbles to the Great Hall she feels its brooding presence, that never seems to warm to the beams of the dawning sun, and debates her decision of getting out of bed.  It's not that she doesn't enjoy her classes, because she really does, but that she is beginning to believe that The Fates had decided that, Today, she will be on the moros side of the spectrum.  Her sense of foreboding seems to dampen her already low spirits as she makes her way through the large wooden doors of the Great Hall.  Dread fills her as she takes note of the already bustling hall, and she begins to rethink her idea of heading back to her welcoming covers in her safe haven of a room. 

     "Daphne!" shouts a shrill voice from across the hall, nearing making her jump out of her skin, "There you are! I was looking for you at the table this morning, but when you didn't show up for breakfast I thought that perhaps you were sick!" A pleasant faced girl with gorgeous eyes (like the ones you see on those actresses from back in the Golden Age of Film, you know the ones with those huge doe eyes and hers were definitely golden) made her way through a gaggle of chattering girls, who do not take well to being bothered by anyone, let alone a "nobody", then tightly hugs Daphne.  Shock of being shouted at as well as hugged quickly wears off and Daphne laughs lightly and says, "Well hello doll face! *haha* I'm terribly sorry that I worried you! Ah, I just didn't feel much like eating this morn... you understand, don't you?" she looks to the "doll" and smirks, "Besides, it's not as if there is a shortage of snacks that I can't pick up here in the building. Want to go with me to snag a banana?" The girl looks aghast and shakes her head in amusement, "You and your bananas! Of course I'll go with you!" as she links her arm with Daphne's she then asks, "So truth, did someone start in on you already this morn, dear? ... You know I really don't know why I'm even asking, of course they did. Who was it? Bethani, Trichelle, or Christina? Or all three?! *hahaha*" she giggles but it really doesn't reach her eyes, no those are filled with concern and heart-felt anguish for her friend. 

     Daphne shakes her head and leads Greta down the hallway towards their break room. "It was nothing and no one, sweet Greta! You concern yourself too much with my well-being, me thinks, and not enough on your own blessed self! I am fine and a banana will suffice me well enough until lunch. I just decided to have a few extra minutes to myself in my room this morn and so skipped going to breakfast! That is all, promise." she slightly gritted her teeth at lying to Greta, but she really did not want her to worry so much about her. She knew that eventually she would have to come clean, but not so early in the morning, especially not right now. Not when Greta's beautiful smile was making her day so much brighter already. 

     They enter the break room, which is more like a small cafe, arms linked and smiles upon their faces.  "Oh look girls, it's Daft, I mean, Daphne." Sneers Trichelle, another of Daphne's aggrivators.  "I already saw her this morning, and I have to say, she looks her usual drab self doesn't she?" Christina pipes in amidst their laughter at Daphne's expense.  Greta looks at Daphne's downward gaze and feels her start to pull back out the door they just entered.  "Oh no you don't," she whispers to Daphne, "we came to get you a banana, and that's exactly what we're going to do! Don't let them get to you, Daph, you are lovely and they're just jealous that they have to actually try to look good everyday. Now chin up and let's get that banana." She pulls on Daphne's arm and leads her towards the counter where the fresh fruit is kept.  Daphne lifts her eyes and looks away from the clique of girls still laughing at her, she takes note that Greta's jaw is clenched.  "I will learn to ignore them one day, Greta dear-heart, but until then I'm glad I have you here. I think I'd starve otherwise!" she speaks quietly to Greta and see's her jaw loosen the clench.  A slight grin spreads across her face and she stops in front of the counter.  Daphne picks up a banana and looks over to the granola saying, "Mmm, I think I'd like a parfait to go along with my banana!"  Greta smiles and leads the way to the register.

     Before the girls get to the register, Christina and crowd step in front of them.  "Ex-CUSE you. We were here first, and I'll not have you skipping in front of us! Now Ms. Finnley, I'll have a skim milk latte with an almond biscotti." looking to Trichelle and Bethani saying, "What'll you have Chelle? Beth?" Both girls cut their eyes narrowly at Greta and Daphne then place their orders with Ms. Finnley.  Daphne looks at her watch and nudges Greta, "We're going to be late if we don't hurry... let's just go and I'll get something between first and second class. Promise." She cannot stand to be tardy, especially to her favorite class.  Greta stands fast and looks at the clique of bullies responding with a hardened tone, "No, you won't be late at all.  Ms. Finnley, I hate to be a bother, but would you mind grabbing a parfait for Daphne and a Pinapple Naked for me please? We are in a bit of a rush, and I'm sure that these girls ordering the coffee drinks won't mind us getting our orders first since ours are grab and go... Will you girls?" She looks directly at Christina, who quickly glances over her shoulder as if she doesn't hear a word that Greta says.  "Is that all you want Daphne?" Ms. Finnley's kind smile lightens her eyes, "You sure you wouldn't like a juice as well?"  Daphne smiles back and replies, "On second thought, I think I would like a Mango Naked, please Ms. Finnley." She straightens her shoulders, feeling slightly better about her day already.  "Here you go girls, that will be $2.50 for you Greta, and $5 even for you Daphne." The two hand over their money and take their breakfast with smiles and quick words of thanks before heading straight out the door into the main hallway.

     "Now promise me you'll eat it all, and that you'll keep your head up until we see each other at lunch?" Greta looks into Daphne's eyes. "I mean it missy! Don't make me stuff you! You're too skinny as it is!" and she falls into a fit of giggles.  Daphne giggles and hugs Greta, "Yes, I'll scarf all this wonderful food down as soon as I'm settled in my seat! I promise! See you at lunch!"  She releases Greta and waves as she quickly walks down the hall towards the classroom.  Greta stands rooted for a moment, looking after Daphne, her eyes seem to glimmer for a second with a look of someone much older before she turns to go to her own class.

The End

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