Foreign Wisdoms

A multicultural story of the ages old "religions" becoming the life of a young woman and child. She shares her knowledge with the child building a deep seeded interest in the "old ways". The mother sends the child off to school in hopes of giving it a better life. The Story starts in a flash back of memory...

The wind quietly whispers through the glade surrounding a young mother and child in  a little flurry of fallen petals and leaves.  Another gust sends a petal flying up into the face of the child.  The mother reaches out her hand and takes the petal between her fingertips.  Fascinated, though sleepy, the girl-child opens her hand, as her mother instructs, while her mother places the petal into it.  "Life is a cycle, my sweet, and we are blessed enough to be creators within that cycle." She speaks with quiet reverence as she looks from her daughter to the surrounding trees of the glade.  Holding the hand of her daughter she motions, "This glade will always be a safe place for you. Remember it always, beloved, and know that you are loved and protected within the nature that created you." 

Chapter One

     Daphne shivers as she sits upright in her bed, it take her a few moments to realize that she had been dreaming again.  Was it really a true memory or was she creating this beautiful scene to help comfort herself?  Her long white-yellow locks rustle behind her as she shakes herself once more, shaking away the remnants of this latest dream.  The woman looked so much like her, but she had darker hair and was definitely of Asian decent, so there couldn't really be a connection.  She slips her feet over the edge of the bed and slides them into her flip-flops.  Stretching arms and legs, she sighs loudly and pulls on her robe.  Green, evergreen to be exact, is everywhere in her room... of course, it has been her favorite color since before she could remember... and she even got permission to have a few little plants within her room.  As a senior girl in "" Academy she is allotted certain privileges, like plants and a single room instead of a double.  The dream lingers in her thoughts while she moves around the room, picking up her little watering can and sprinkling her succulents with water.

"Daphne, you look miserably drab this glorious morning." She speaks to her reflection in the window, whilst the reflection looks back in disarray.  "Suppose I should start getting ready for the day, don't you think?" Smirking, Daphne steps away from the window and towards the armoire, head tilted to the right. Raising a hand to her disgruntled hair, she swipes away a stray wisp, then placing her hand on top of her head she mumbles, "... what to wear ... white or grey ... green or blue ... Aha!" she slides her hand off her head and flings open the doors of the armoire and grabs hold of her grey sweater. "You with the black blazer and white button up," tossing her head left and right, her hair rocking in a sway of golden light, "or down." and giggles out loud. 

    Brushing her hair she hums a tender tune, complex yet sweet and full of bounce , just like her favorite composer Mozart.  Setting the brush on the vanity, she picks up a color matching hair tie and pulls it onto her wrist.  Her fingers deftly braid as she mentally checks off all her required books for the day.  Daphne looks down at her attire and uses her hands to smooth the shirt and skirt.  She pulls the grey sweater over her head, swiping her hand behind her neck which pulls her braid out of the back of the sweater.  Picking up her messenger bag full of  books and her blazer, she pins her favorite green brooch on the lapel, smiling with her head tilted to the left. 

Another deep sigh escapes as she walks through the door of her room and into the hall, the door closes automatically behind her, blocking her from the warm haven she dreads leaving.  A door clicks beside her, a petite blond standing in front of it.  Nose defiantly in the air the blond sniffs loudly then says, "Good Morning Daft-ne, I mean Daphne." then promptly walks away from her, an annoyingly high pitch giggle-like snort coming from her.  "Morning it is, Christina..." Daphne looks at her shoes, "though it seems it will not be a good one for me." she looks up and walks in the same direction as Christina. 

Walking briskly along the main corridor of the manor, Daphne catches the scent of a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The story of the Golden Apple of Discord momentarily occupies her mind before she smirks and shakes her head. It is inevitably another gift from her house mother's "beau", albeit the poor man may never know that he is one of many suitors that have held Ms. Deitric's attentions before either falling prey to another of the three house mothers or falling out of Ms. Deitric's fleeting interests.  Irony reins true to the Greek myth of the Golden Apple... how could one not see the irony! 

A stifled sigh takes her attention, and startled out of her reverie, she sees Ms. Deitric perched in the window seat of the big bay window at the front of the manor in the sitting room.  Shoulder length auburn waves of hair frame a delicately featured face of rose colored cheeks and neutrally colored lips, which seem to be pursed, her eyes are like brightly glowing emeralds set in porcelain. She looks deep in contemplation, so Daphne turns to the door and tries to quietly walk out of the manor. 

"Daphne!" Ms. Deitric quips, "What are you wearing on your feet?! You obviously don't know a thing about fashion!" she shakes her head while pointing at Daphne's loafers.  "They're comfortable to walk in, Ms. Dietric. My pumps pinch my feet... I just..." she stammers while she stares at her simple black loafers. "You just nothing. Ugh, why must I put up with such incorrigible girls!" as she gets up from her perch and floats (yes she really looks like she's floating) across the room to where Daphne stands abashed and still staring hopelessly at her shoes, she says, "I know that we purchased you a decent pair of shoes less that two weeks ago, young lady, and I cannot fathom why you would think that beauty would come without a bit of pain! Beauty IS Pain, and you will do well to remember that!" she berated Daphne. Then letting loose an extremely dramatic sigh she looks away and flips her hand towards the door. "Well off with you then, in those dreadful shoes. It will serve you right if you are tortured! I try and try and yet you seem to deign yourself a better judge of Beauty and Life than I! Off with you! I will not stand another minute of this injustice!" with that, she turns in a quick swish of motion and is moving towards the kitchens before Daphne can even respond. She cannot figure it out, how is she in any way condescending?

She has a brief thought back to what drew her into the attention of her house mother and immediately sends a quiet prayer out into the silence, for the heart of the latest suitor.  If this was the daily dealings of her house mother,  then how is she with her supposed "special interests"? Daphne turns towards the door and darts through it, lest she fall prey to another "concerned" soul before reaching her first class of the morning.

The End

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